Close to Maliki: will soon be major changes at the level of the leaders of the security ministries in Baghdad and the provinces

On: Tuesday 04/17/2012 13:46

Baghdad: Ahmed Naseer A member of the security and defense committee parliamentary Adnan Mayahi of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces had many changes between the security leaders, but changes below the level of ambition, and will in the future to make sweeping changes again for the advancement of security performance to experienced recent tremendous success. He Mayahi in a statement singled out by the (citizen) to change the security leaders and the leaders of formations natural condition are in accordance with the existing data on the scene security, signaling weakness in some Mufasil require such changes or movements, and all the armies in the world changes and movements in a while. And returned to confirm he and the other hand can be described as the survival of an officer given in the same position for many years the situation abnormal, and stay for a long time will not allow others the opportunity to develop, service and creativity Stdmr gradually, a post military, not private property. revealed Mayahi for it in the next few weeks will be issued a list of changes in leadership will include the leaders of some provinces, the major changes at the level of high-level positions and also the rest of the levels of the military, whether in defense or interior. He had earlier called on political parties and many public leaders to change the security, which have failed in earlier times for maintaining the security situation, and setbacks, causing many security holes, most recently on Thursday, which saw the bloody bombings in several cities claimed the lives of dozens of innocent Iraqis.