Kurdistan: Call Barzani save time and effort .. And reject the national threat

Date: Monday 16/4/2012 9:57

 Baghdad / Majid flood
, although the general indicators do not suggest that there is a possibility to hold a national conference at an early date, but the Preparatory Committee gave political blocs, one week for the submission of its developments.
member of the Preparatory Committee predicted that the end of the Committee of the preparation of the agenda and offer ways of compromise,

He stressed that the problematic current are two paragraphs from where Tzlzlema on the agenda, namely: the outstanding agreement of Arbil and other emerging problems, the other hand, said the Kurdistan Alliance, he presented a paper on key issues of the most important commitment to the Constitution, and that the partnership in the rule-making level resolution, and political commitment to the agreements, specifically the Convention on Arbil.

On the other side expressed that the existing Iraqi has become a big gap between the politicians, and that the differences may exceed the depth of National Conference, and that the last decade has become a double-edged sword. The head of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, had announced last week not to hold a national meeting on time as advertised for the widening political differences between the major political forces.
and the Iraqi List, has accused the representatives of a coalition of state law in the Preparatory Committee for the meeting of national derogation from the agreements made ​​at previous meetings showed that after agreeing to all the points, which prompted the postponement of the national meeting.
member of the Preparatory Committee for the National Alliance pointed out that the blocks represented in the Preparatory Committee, and therefore express their proposals and their vision. The MP said Ammar Tohme in a telephone conversation with the range yesterday, "that the Preparatory Committee and after that held more than 6 meetings examined the agenda and structure and themes, leaving only two points are the subject of the disagreement, which is associated with the order, namely: What has not been implemented, of the Convention of Arbil, and the problems emerging, "he said Tohme," A team believes that there is a differentiation between these two points and is therefore different formality does not rise to be problematic, "said Tohme, that the committee on access to the formats agreed upon by everyone and that summed up the mechanisms and the agenda and safeguards associated with that which it called for some blocks . On the possibility of setting a date for the conference said Tohme "It is not important to hold the conference, but the success of the conference, revealing that the date and venue of the conference and will be invited to him was the prerogative of the President, as a sponsor for him. And on the news, which says that there is division in the National Alliance, specifically between the rule of law and the other components of the alliance, concluded Tohme by saying "There is no difference between the components of the alliance, pointing out that the alliance will show great flexibility to for the success of the conference and drawer any subject believed the parties that problematic and needs to be discussions.
by another spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance, the lack of final agreement on the agenda. The MP said the pro-Tayeb in a telephone conversation with the range yesterday, "that the Iraqi leaders requested to attend the first grade, and because most of them were out of character Iraq postponed the meeting, which was hoped to be held on the fifth of April." He said good that the Preparatory Committee and after held many meetings, but it did not reach to the ends of good and why they are not the owners of the decision and it is best - and the talk was still of good - to meet the decision-makers save time and effort. "
and whether a meeting of leaders and decision-makers would be an alternative from the conference said good that there is no intersection between the two ideas because both aim is to solve problems and outstanding issues between the political parties. and local good that "does not explain some differences between the region's president and prime minister as a character, but is related to the implementation of agreements and has not been implemented, including" .
He was President Jalal Talabani has called for a national meeting in the fifth month this April to resolve political differences is that the accusations that preceded it pushed to postpone the conference. on the other side, which is opposing the largest of the National Alliance, particularly (state law) Deputy for the Iraqi List The depth of the differences exceeded conferencing, and that his contract has become a double-edged sword. and MP Talal Zobaie in a telephone conversation with the range yesterday, "We have become in a difficult exam, and it seems that we either want to deceive ourselves or deceive the people, and politicians must understand thoroughly the temporary solutions have become a curse on them, and throw the ball in the court of the other is no longer useful. "and the atmosphere that prevails preparations for the conference and the possibility of his contract said Zobaie" The political games must be in Parallels though not Altqaúha, not at intersections, because the thinking is limited that this is true and the other is wrong, a terrorist, and his peace, and black and white, and all the decisions and expectations have become based on these diodes are beyond the division only to itself. "and the possible solutions if the conference was the opinion of Iraq is not a solution hinted Zobaie that the solution is early elections as long as the process suffers from diverticulitis chronic, and drew Zobaie that "al-Maliki lucky by virtue of the objective circumstances through which Iraq is now and therefore can not veto it, and the same time, the politicians and the people became afraid of the word change." In the context of relevant MP for the coalition of state law, Khalid al-Asadi of contacts you make the blocks for the resumption of the Preparatory Committee for the meeting of the National.
and Asadi said in a statement yesterday that "the national meeting is the choice at hand, there are no other options, and revealed that there are contacts going on now for the resumption of the meetings of the Preparatory Committee for the meeting of the National and we hope to reach the results and solutions soon."
"The Alliance National emphasizes the need to hold a national meeting, and there is no interest disability meeting should be on all the blocks of the meeting in Baghdad and to address problems away from the threat and intimidation. "
The Preparatory Committee for the National Conference has revealed yesterday Amhalaa political blocs, one week for delivery leaves the final and demands to be discussed during the Conference.
A member of the Committee is a coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati, told the Kurdish news agency that "the next week there will be a final agreement between the political blocs on the agenda of the National Congress is expected," adding that "the political blocs have given a week to provide for their developments."
said Al-Bayati "The president had completed his work of the Preparatory Committee and next week we will decide to move in any direction," noting that "the National Alliance is ready and will provide all the concessions for the success of the National Conference in the framework of the Constitution and not going out on it."