Conflict between the Iraqi government and central to the future of the dinar

16/04/2012 11:58

Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs leader of the «Iraqi List» Saleh al-Mutlaq, of «the collapse of the Iraqi currency and weaken the economy and public finance exposure to risk as a result of the government's attempts to link the Central Bank of the intervention and its affairs touching the independence ».

He al-Mutlaq said in a statement issued by his office yesterday, that the Iraqi government «announced two positions officials contradictory regarding the central bank, first denies intention to link the Central Bank of the, with the text of its second resolution to postpone the process of lifting the zeros of the Iraqi currency. He said that linking the Central Bank of the government « a dangerous will have a negative impact on independent monetary policy, and will affect the strength of the dinar, and thus collapse and weakening economic situation ».

He warned that «the present action is not acceptable to the Iraqi funds deposited in the Central Bank to the danger, and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced that the Department of Affairs of the Secretariat requested the issuance of the decision to wait in the application of the deletion of zeros from the national currency. He also drew the Council of Ministers before the formation of a committee to study the causes of the volatility of the exchange rate of the dinar, and provide appropriate solutions to prevent harm to the national economy. revealed al-Mutlaq, the central bank «responsible for managing about $ 100 billion of imports, the government and the banks and monetary reserves». He stressed that the «respect the independence of the independent bodies, especially the central bank, part of the democratic new Iraq, due respect of the political blocs to be the largest financial institution, and pointed out that« attempts to link the Central Bank of Iraq's government «will send a negative signal to international banks, particularly the IMF and World Bank , which confirms the independence of the policy of Central Bank of Iraq is the money is sacred.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki at the tribal capital of Baghdad, said «Iraq does not accept the rule of one person and the dictator, the one and the tyrant one and one-party and national one», pointing out that «can not be imposed on people only imposed by the ballot box and the dictates of the Constitution, and added that «the only solution to all problems encountered in building the Iraqi state is resorting to the Constitution and abide by the», calling for a «follow a foreign policy one determined by the federal government, as required by the Constitution and all types of democratic regimes in the world», praising the role of Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, who he described as a result of his mission as an Iraqi official, and not by their nationality. said the decision of the Finance Committee's parliamentary Ahmed electrodes that «the Commission and directed questions to the governor of the bank and still waiting for answers to the cause of the fluctuation of the Iraqi currency». He added that «the Parliament Shabibi will call to find out the causes of fluctuation of the Iraqi dinar and procedures of the central bank to prevent its collapse», referring to «fear that be the cause of decline in the dinar is smuggling foreign currency out of Iraq».

He stressed that «we have many indications on the smuggling of the dollar to the neighboring countries, especially Iran and Syria, and the Council of Ministers ordered last week to form a committee for« studied the fluctuation of the exchange rate of Iraqi dinar, and provide appropriate solutions to prevent harm to the national economy.