Preparatory meeting, determine the national week of the political blocs to provide leaves the final

Baghdad / justice - 16/04/2012 - 9:31 p.m. | Hits: 3

Gave the Preparatory Committee to meet the national political blocs, one week for delivery of the final leaves and demands to be discussed during the meeting to be held soon. A member of the Committee, a coalition of law, Abbas al-Bayati

For that "next week will see the final agreement between the political blocs on the agenda of the forthcoming National Congress," adding that "the political blocs were given a week to provide Maldiha of developments." Al-Bayati said that "the president had completed his work of the Preparatory Committee and next week we will decide to move in any direction," noting that "the National Alliance is ready and Asagdm all the concessions for the success of the National Conference in the framework of the Constitution and not going out on it."

In the same context, MP for the coalition of state law just Hurcab that "the National Alliance does not have any problem in meeting the national pointing to the existence of some of the statements confirm replaced by a meeting of the last of the three presidencies, stressing at the same time that the National Alliance of Egypt to take place." Said Hurcab "For the Alliance, the National National an important meeting because it works to complete the state institutions should be of all parties to prepare itself for the convening of this meeting."

"After we got to the threshold of the national meeting between the political blocs poses new opinions for the meeting of the three presidencies, noting that he" should by all political forces to show its seriousness in the meeting, "he said. The MP for the coalition of state law that" the national meeting will discuss all institutions of the state executive, legislative and judicial. "