A joint committee to consider the pending files with Kuwait
Welcome to host the meeting of the Iraqi 5 +1 and Iran

Baghdad / justice - 16/04/2012 - 9:35 p.m. | Hits: 7

From Iraq due to host the next meeting of 5 +1 talks in Baghdad on the Iranian nuclear file.The Foreign Ministry said Iraq welcomed to host the next meeting of the Group 5 +1 in order to push the importance of the dialogue process forward and ensure the security and integrity of the region and the world.

The ministry said that the government will provide security and supplies technical and management all to hold the next round of talks. And Zcarpean of the ministry "decided at the Istanbul meeting, which was held Saturday 14 of April current, between members of the Security Council permanent UN in addition to Germany with the Islamic Republic of Iran, holding the next round of talks on Iran's nuclear program in Baghdad in the second half of next May, this has made the talks last positive progress in the process of negotiations between the two sides.

"and added that" the agreement and approval of the six adults and Iran come to hold the next meeting in Baghdad, evidence of the advancement of Iraq to exercise its role of regional Arab and international levels. The statement said that "this international consensus with Iran is the reflection of the importance of this topic states region and the regional security and in line with the decisions of the Arab summit in its [23] in Baghdad and the policies included in the "Declaration of Baghdad.

In the meantime, government has set up high-level committee in order to start Bembagesat comprehensive on outstanding issues with Kuwait. The MP said the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod" should to solve all outstanding problems with the Kuwaiti side as long as there is a genuine desire and the atmosphere of a normal between the two sides, adding that "Kuwait has a genuine desire to help Iraq to emerge from Chapter VII."

and "The Joint Committee is to be considered in the outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait. " To the MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, Rose Mahdi Khoshnaw important it is that details of the formation of the committee shall discuss the outstanding issues with Kuwait and clear because the file Kuwait is one of the sensitive files. Added Khoshnaw, "The Kurdistan Alliance hopes to hold the development and progression in the file Kuwait as well as an end to all files the relationship between Iraq and neighboring countries, pointing out that we hope that our relationship with the State of Kuwait is based on the nature of the basis of respecting sovereignty of both countries. "