ANNOUNCEMENT!!! People this investment will go a lot smoother for ya if you STOP relying on it to save all your finical problems and start to focus on solving your issues in more traditional manners... I keep hearing many folks saying "they are in need of this to happen" and "we are hurting" etc... Well understand this... just because you have decided to follow (believe) the words of the guru's doesn't change the reality of the situation. Which is this... Iraq is just starting out with a government that has little experience in compromise, and their ideals are not of us here in the western world. Progress is extremely slow regardless of what the guru's keep telling us. Realize this... it's hard enough to follow our own government, one in which we understand the language and culture. Now do you really think that their are all these people in this country (on these sites) that can determine what a newly established foreign government's agenda is or how the direction they are attempting to take? My advice is to stop holding on to every word being said by the guru's.. even those who we believe are trust worthy. Start to live in the present ("reality"), bank on only yourself to bring your situation to a better place and "IF" this revalue of the Iraqi dinar ever does occur, then it will be a added comfort zone for you and your family.