Net calls to find radical solutions to protect Iraqi funds abroad

Friday April 13, 2012

Follow-up - and babysit - The representative of the religious authority in Karbala, Ahmad net to find radical solutions to protect Iraqi funds abroad and moving laws on this.

The net in Friday prayers held in the courtyard Husseini cleanser that "there is a problem related with money Iraq abroad because of past policies and the conditions experienced by the country before the ninth of April 2003, and that, inter alia, was punished by Iraq is to lay hands on his money belonging to people's money and not the former regime and the issue Ttaker each year and begin attempts to protect Iraqi funds. "

He added, net "We hope that those concerned in this regard to find radical solutions being overwhelm the country, especially when such financial aid in the risk of not being in the hands of the country, and must move all the laws that would raise the injustice of Iraq."

The representative of the reference in his speech to the National Meeting to be held by the political blocs in the coming days, saying that "the different points of view is out of the question, and must be a border and must be observed by all political parties, but there must be a legal authority to solve problems, but the Constitution" He stressed "the importance that there are points of legal interpretation of the Constitution."

He explained that "the wider the scope of the problems between the political blocs, the more affected the Iraqi people," noting that he "must be resolved and diagnose problems, and this is based on the implant bridges of trust between politicians, and we have to be there are indications of good will to implant hope in the hearts of the people because the lack of solutions and the holding of the meeting between the political parties and to keep the matter a long time to Atsb are things in the service of the people. "

In another context, called the net to "interest in science and education together," pointing out that "the profession of education who have not entered into and became respected by some as the student did not know the good and the idea of ​​poison and waving to the student's lesson and not the year."

And "the teacher is revered by the great honor of his commitment to the student and for the great effort with his lack of teaching methods and means of illustration, the fact that the teacher has the title of the utmost importance and is responsible for a noble."

The representative of the reference that "some families began to complain of delay because of the student teacher with the performance of his duties, and the index dangerous is that some countries have started to not recognize the certificate of Iraq."

He called on the net that "the school must be the subject of education, similar to science and the teacher should exercise the role of the educational front generation," stressing "the State can make there Margbat for students such as building schools worthy of their work and provide opportunities for graduate students