Beirut press today 25/07/2016


Addressed the Lebanese newspapers on Monday morning 25/7/2016 opening of the Arab summit Twenty - seventh of its work in the eleventh, and how it will deal Lebanon on the reservation number of Gulf states «solidarity with Lebanon» response to a reservation to Lebanon to accuse «Hezbollah» to terrorism, according to It mentioned in the draft statement.
Assadorsalam newspapers in Nouakchott summit: «Hezbollah» essential component

Arab summit opens Twenty - seventh of its work in the eleventh before noon today in the Mauritanian capital , Nouakchott, in the absence of most Arab leaders.
This represents Lebanon at the summit Prime Minister Tammam Salam at the head of a delegation comprising Minister of Social Affairs Rashid Derbas, Ambassador to Algeria Ghassan teacher and representative of Lebanon at the Arab League Antoine Azzam, and Acting embassy in Senegal , the representative of Lebanon in Mauritania Naji al- Khalifa, after he apologized for not participating suddenly ministers Gebran Bassil and Wael Abu Faour «for reasons of emergency and special».
Lebanon is facing at this summit conservative than some Gulf countries on the item «solidarity with Lebanon», which Arab foreign ministers ended their meeting yesterday drafted in the first, to be a part of the final statement of the summit and the project «Nouakchott Advertising». In response to a reservation to Lebanon to accuse «Hezbollah» to terrorism, according to what is stated in the draft statement within a paragraph condemning the «Iranian interference in the affairs of Arab countries, and the intervention of allied forces, including the Hezbollah terrorist», an item hard since the last Arab Summit in Cairo Islamic summit in Istanbul a few months ago, which was raised because of problems between Lebanon and the Gulf states.
He asked «ambassador» Peace President on how to address the reservation clause of solidarity? He said , they decided to «self» item solidarity with Lebanon to distance, and there are contacts underway with our sister states to handle this situation, and when we get to the summit , we'll see where things will reach.
Peace and confirmed that the official delegation will deal with «Hezbollah» characterization as a «terrorist» and deal with it in previous times, stressing that «Our position is clear,« Hezbollah »Lebanese party essential component in the political structure, but we are keen to achieve everything that enhances the front Interior and the steadfastness of Lebanon in these difficult circumstances. »
He pointed peace, in his speech to the media delegation about what carried to the summit, to «we seek to Lebanon highlights the role of the Arab heritage in the preservation of the Arab family, and its solidarity with the Arab family, and we hope to be suitable for the Arabs to join in solidarity with themselves» and wished «to give summit , which bears the name «summit of hope», in the hope that the Arab people and its leadership conscious and aware of the great risks. Hence the need to achieve Arab solidarity to address the crisis. »
The peace exceeded the problems surrounding the non - residence in Nouakchott «We received across the Lebanese delegate assurances from the Mauritanian authorities that there was no problem about this topic, but the opposite , and we received a warm tribute to Lebanon and positions. But some of Egypt to fabricate a problem out of nothing ».
Turning to the government the situation and how to accomplish the general budget for 2017 and the possibility of issuing a decree project, he said , «We need to complete the budget to reassure the country out of the financial situation in which we live, but there are issues that need to approach and address such as cutting the previous budgets , calculate and approve of ranks and salaries chain and how to deal with the financing of the international Tribunal and hope that we get to a solution. »
He added: «supposed to Finance Minister presents draft budget by almost a month, which gives a positive improvement in our internal signal, and we are with the presentation of the budget to the parliament and if not can we issue a decree to be presented later to the parliament».
But the peace referred to the constitutional problems surrounding the issuance of the budget decree , which relates to the vacancy of the post of President of the Republic and 24 ministers signed a decree on the budget, since some consider that the budget is one of the things inherent powers of the President of the Republic may not be represented by a sign.
In response to a question by «ambassador» for not to discuss and approve the budgets of the past two years, said peace: «There are 8 budgets did not acknowledge in previous governments known for the reasons, why we should not take the adoption of these Almoisntin? Just ask the political forces that everything crashes! »
On the visit of the Saudi delegation to "Israel" My dream Moses wrote the ambassador:
My passion for the Israelis: God willing we meet in Riyadh!
Condemned « the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality», a major Arab political currents in the 48 areas, the Saudi delegation 's visit and his meetings with members of the Israeli Knesset, declaring them «justification for the rejection of Israeli strategy». The visit by the Saudi delegation headed by retired close to the Saudi royal family Gen. Anwar passion has sparked conflicting reactions in the Arab sector, especially that the Palestinian Authority has provided a cover and justification.
She said: « the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality» known as «Hadash» of the Israeli Communist Party, in Osdrah a statement yesterday, the Saudi delegation , which included academics and businessmen , headed by Gen. Anwar passion met with representatives of Netanyahu 's government under the pretext of « the development of dialogue on the Arab peace initiative, which which is nothing to challenge the rejection of Israeli strategy, but it is a justification of her and provide cover to empty the contents of the initiative, and the elimination of the two - state solution and the right to self - determination of the Palestinian Arab people. » Considered «front» and the Communist Party that the visit is «part of a campaign of normalization Saudi - Israeli cooperation against Iran, Syria and the resistance movements in the region».
It is known that he met Anwar passion, in this visit, the Director General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry Dore Gold , which has already met abroad. He also met with the coordinator of Israeli activities in the occupied territories , General Yoav Mordechai. The delegation also met with Knesset members from the Zionist parties and brokered an arrangement of a Palestinian authorities in the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah under the pretext of dialogue about the Arab peace initiative.
Come and visit and his passion for Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories and the delegation about two weeks after the visit of Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry and his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Quoted «Maariv» passion for telling the members of the Knesset who met in the neighboring town of al - Ram to Jerusalem: «God willing we meet in Riyadh». It is known that Saudi Arabia figures do not take the initiative to make connections of this kind with the Israeli authorities without the approval of the Saudi authorities themselves. Previously to Prince Turki al - Faisal publicly met with former military intelligence General Amos Yadlin in «encounters Academy» in Europe.
Israeli newspapers indicated that the Saudi delegation asked to meet with Israeli Knesset members from the opposition who support the Arab initiative. He admitted member of the Knesset from the Arab «there a future» Issawi Freij that the people of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah contacted him and «asked to organize the meeting». The delegation met with the leader before that «there is the future» Yair Lapid. And participated in the side of the Saudi delegation to meet with members of the central committee member of the movement «open» Maj . Gen. Jibril Rajoub , where the meeting was held in the Palestinian Football Association, headed by Knesset.
According to what was published in Israel, Gen. passion informed the Israelis , who met the «Our goal is to try to pay forward the peace initiative of Saudi Arabia and the peaceful process between Israel and the Palestinians». MK Omer Bar - Lev said the Saudi delegation stressed that Israel 's desire to relations with the Arab countries only, without negotiations with the Palestinians, is a pipe dream, and that every relationship between Israel and the Arab world must include the Palestinians.
MK Issawi Freij explained that the Saudis at the meeting focused on the need for reconciliation between Jews and Muslims, and between the Arab world and Israel. Roy said: «We have agreed that we should have an ongoing dialogue with the Saudis, and we decided to open a joint Watts August a group to keep the contact. This is the beginning Association for Friendship between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Gen. passion for relationships woven between Dore Gold and the narrated, recalled that about ten years the publication Gould cash from Saudi Arabia a book under the title « the kingdom of evil» before, but pointed out that since then is his positions, the decline in the meeting , what was written in the book and spoke of the need closer ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel. »
The Knesset members hope to visit Saudi Arabia as guests of the royal family, as part of a rapprochement between the two countries. Interviews with all of the passion Dore Gold and Yoav Mordechai took place at the King David Hotel in West Jerusalem, while other meetings were held in East Jerusalem.
The passion and his accompanying delegation have arrived in the Palestinian territories last weekend and met in Ramallah with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and a number of Palestinian leaders.
Passion and conducted an interview with Israeli Army Radio before leaving the Palestinian territories which he said that «Israel will make peace only if it solved the conflict with the Palestinians on the basis of the Arab initiative». Asked about the possibility of cooperation between Israeli security forces and Saudi Arabia, which joined the coalition to combat al «Daash», confirmed passion «To my knowledge, there is no cooperation in the fight against terrorism».
He added: «in relation to terrorism, we share the same ideas, but we disagree on the solution», stressing that the Palestinian «Israeli conflict - is not out of terrorism, but it is a fertile environment for the conflicts in the region».
In view of the visit by the Saudi delegation raised from the reactions, including inside the kingdom itself, forcing passion to justify the visit , saying it was not for the Palestine-Israel. And worse , when he said that the visit was a Palestinian initiative and in order to «stand on the situation of detainees and console the families of martyrs». He told «already» Electronic: «of writing some words on them to make sure, I have I have not visited Israel, but I went to Ramallah at the invitation of the Palestinians, and we met with the families of martyrs and Uasinahm, and we attended the wedding son of Marwan Barghouti, one of the detainees and the symbol of the Palestinian cause».
He added passion: « The Israelis have written that I visited Israel, because they consider Israeli Jerusalem, and we consider it a Palestinian, and we consider Muslim and Arab cause of building the peace initiative developed by King Abdullah, may Allah have mercy on him». He continued in the «first time, Muslims prayed in Jerusalem Maghrib prayer, and this time I prayed their imam at the Omar bin al - Khattab mosque, which is located in the Nativity in Bethlehem».
He stressed that he did not go into an official delegation representing the UK, adding «We went to such as visiting our center, the Center for Studies and Research», explaining that it was self - initiative, and «our independent and non - governmental, and I just retired and thinker».
Lebanon and Israel share the cost of extracting oil accelerate exploration to pull the paper from the "Party of God"
Alnharla newspaper hides Prime Minister Tammam Salam disturbed by the continuation of the Arab restrictions on Lebanon and repudiation of his support, particularly in the face of the problem of refugees on its territory, a cast Monday the word Lebanon in the first session of the Arab summit to be held in Mauritania today and tomorrow, to take part in subsequent sessions and closing. It seemed clear that the direct support to Lebanon will miss the final declaration of the summit, as it could only support existing efforts to help the refugees. As stated in the statement which was obtained by "daylight" a copy of it: "Our support to the efforts of Arab and international humanitarian relief efforts to provide emergency aid to people affected by war and the mechanisms of humanitarian work and conflicts of refugees and displaced persons and displaced people, and the development of the human and the Arab relief work mechanisms and the development of the necessary mechanisms within the Arab system to meet the urgent humanitarian needs and help those affected and their host countries. "
Certainly, the president will face a peace summit in three embarrassing items for Lebanon and his government , one of them regards the characterization of "Hezbollah" terrorists, and Iran , the second and the third theme of solidarity with Lebanon.
Peace and up to Mauritania also upset about the three apology Minister Ali Hassan Khalil and Wael Abovaaour and Gebran Bassil to join the delegation, justifications do not hide deeper reasons relate to avoid confusion or embarrassment will be succeeded by the final statement of the summit.
Either in the internal affairs, the security issue demonstrated a caution in light of growing fears of bombing stems from Arsal or from the Palestinian camps. Yesterday enable the Lebanese army from the Syrian arrest of Riad Sharaf al- Din , a nurse in the "Victory Front" when trying to smuggle him from neem Arsal by the Lebanese Fayez my mail.
And it is expected to take action following the tension that prevailed Arsal by the information on the list of targets in the town, "Al-Nahar" of the responsible military sources that the military past its actions dense in the town of Arsal and its surroundings, he walked steadily patrols inside the town, and does not intend to establish a stable position in which so as not to be subject to any target of takfiri groups.
The sources pointed out that the town suffers the weight of the displaced who 's more than 80 thousand, and that these camps, especially including those in the barren mountains of the town, are vulnerable to exploitation of Takfiri groups hiding in neem.
And he confirmed information for "daylight" The list of assassinations announced recently are not new and date back to more than a month, as well as the Mayor Basil Hujairi received communication threat two weeks ago , after the announcement of the intention of the municipality to take some action in the town , including a curfew Syrians night.
In the meantime, and while not officially disclosed until now for the content of the oil agreement between Speaker Nabih Berri and General Michel Aoun , except to confirm and Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil's " An- Nahar" that the agreement is limited to the issue of awarding the southern three blocks in the maritime economic zone of Lebanon, I learned . " Nahar "that Khalil 's visit to Russia was an oil par excellence, it was agreed to take over one of the Russian companies and giant believed to be the " Gazprom " to extract oil and gas from the disputed between Lebanon and Israel 's economic zone which has been agreed upon with the two sides to be shared cost of exploration between the two countries. Also at the information that what precipitated the move in the direction of the Russian agreement is rejected commitment to international companies extracting oil from the disputed blocks. Furthermore, relevant agreement sources with Russia emphasized that the goal of the concerned overseas pull paper from the "Party of God", after its secretary general Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah threatened Israel in 2011 that Lebanon will defend its interests in the disputed maritime area, if they proceeded to exploration oil and gas in this region.
While denied the finance minister said in an interview to "daylight" (p . 9) that there be a direct link between the visit and the file of oil, he learned that the talks , which were a circle between power and ground culminated visit Khalil to Russia, and then was famous between Berri and basil oil agreement.
Taking Khalil stressed that Berri agreement - Basil respect Btelzam three blocks adjacent to Palestine , which was subject to diverse perspectives, he explained that "When the oil's put a priority of Protozoa, we took the initiative to communicate with the prime minister , who expressed his desire to get side - consensus call ahead to a meeting ministerial Committee on oil, so we do not repeat ourselves. On this basis , it received communication that led to the agreement. " He said it depends now invite the Prime Minister to hearing the competent committee to prepare reports and submit them to the Cabinet to approve the decrees division of the region into economic blocks and the decree exploration and notebook terms of the licenses and approve the draft law on tax Balajrouat. The three files ready been reviewed by the appropriate bodies, and is currently being approved in the Council of Ministers to launch the project.
As for the agreement with the other Lebanese parties, it is based Khalil to the declared positions of these parties to express his belief that "there is no negative attitude, and in any case it 's in the hands of the prime minister. Obulgnah as we are ready to attend any meeting of the Commission calls it, as well as attend cabinet sessions, and demanded PBT matter quickly. "
As rumored that President Peace upset no declaration of the content of the oil agreement between Berri and Bassil, Khalil stressed that immediately after the adoption of the agreement told us peace to the limits of what has been agreed upon is the adoption of decrees on the basis of the agreement to put the border blocks to concessions, and that this matter has nothing to do with mechanisms concessions, or supposed franchised Balblukat because this matter is subject to the supposed tender process.
The news
Alobarslam newspaper: Hezbollah at the heart of the steadfastness of our internal front .
In the plane, on his way to Mauritania to participate in the Arab summit in its 27 , which starts today, Prime Minister Tammam Salam spoke to the media accompanying the delegation. Preferred to leave his position at the summit about what can be done about superseded Hezbollah to Hzth: «Without the slightest hesitation Lebanon 's position will not be different from before. It happened in previous peaks.

If an update is similar to the current summit we'll address in an appropriate manner. We are clear about what regards Hezbollah. It is an essential component, and are keen to continue to believe in the resilience of our internal front in these difficult circumstances and reinforced, and the steadfastness of the resolution and internal cohesion. Hezbollah is part of this decision in the face of all the benefits ».
He felt it was too early to say, before the start of its work, that the Arab summit has custody of the item solidarity with Lebanon in the final statement, that he stressed that he carries out there displaced Syrians file which involves the confirmation of solidarity with this country to carry the loins. He said. «When the summit is being held to see what we must do» But he stressed that Lebanon be «present and highlights the ancient traditional role of the Arab family and confirms Arab solidarity, in the hope that the summit be suitable Refit the Arabs for the sake of solidarity. This summit is called a summit of hope due to the existence of a sense of the need for research in the Arab situation , which complains of weakness and look to the future. »
Peace did not diminish the significance of the problems faced by his government, but he saw in approving the 2017 «positive signal balancing to insist on not to let the country fall apart.» He said: «talk about the budget today was caused by tripping and retreat , which is reflected on the Lebanese situation in its entirety, especially on the economic level, what makes the country in need. We hope to be a balance between our hands in order to reassure the internal situation, and we are in the process of going out of the deficit for approval after 11 years can not approve the general budget, which is what we want now is to get rid of it, and to know the scope of our spending and Mdakhellna and Wardatna.
Of course there are rules to get the budget you need to approach hope to reach it. We have problems from within the account as spare and a series of ranks and salaries and financing of the International Tribunal. These require public discussions we get to the time of the budget accomplish it. 2017 budget is not now in our hands, but in the process of preparation, and is supposed to be submitted by the Minister of Finance within a month to discuss. If we can overcome the obstacles approved after that, Nahilha to the House of Representatives. If unable to Council approval within the legal deadline we issue a decree. There is what is being said in this regard the existence of the president, because he has to sign a decree to issue the budget with the Prime Minister. In the absence of sign this decree? It is signing of the powers inherent in the president or not? If signed by all ministers Is signing fulfilled a full constitutional conditions? Our primary goal of all the organization 's financial situation in the country so as not to stand in the way of formalities in approving the budget , which is our goal ».
He stopped when peace is being said about the disagreements and objections «being distracted by the most hyped. No basis at all of what was said about the dispute with Speaker Nabih Berri altogether. The country has become a playground for the amusement of all. »
What about the successive sessions of the Council of Ministers?
Answer: «What is envisaged to overcome the differences as much as possible and to provide a minimum of productivity from time to time in order to keep our country that we finish the presidential vacancy, then do not contribute in more multiples.
We must work to fill the presidential vacancy, do not use Balchgor to wear down the internal situation and dismantle it . There are a large amount of accumulation of differences is what makes our voice permissible and we call for the urgency of election of the President of the Republic. Do not pass up an opportunity, in the Council of Ministers , as in any other suitable public or non - public, to demand the election of the President in the fastest time. He needs and demand. I'm more to suffer from his absence. I tested the relationship and cooperation with him , and we reap excellent results in three months and a half months that preceded the vacancy, and have accomplished so much together security and stability plans and appointments management, it was impossible to issuance years ».
Is extend security chiefs?
Following:« Ask the political leaders. It seems that a wave extension in force in the country down to the extension of the crisis and the extension of tripping and obstruction problems. It nightmare in which we live ».
Geneva room for the start of the joint first of August operations boot the political process and the start of
Syria 's confident: the coordination within the US - Russian cooperation ... and are ready for the talks
to Lebanon anxiety: waiting for June next elections , according to the « session »... and the president deferred
Bannaealy daily rhythm of the western panic and madness Turkish, US - Russian efforts continue to put the executive frameworks of understanding that has been done in Moscow after months of Alantzarat US bets and opportunities granted to the allies to achieve anything changes the equation, whether through the Saudi Turkish cooperation in the north , a storm and bet on the Front victory before signing on the start against operations, or through what can the forces of democratic Syria and the army of Syria 's new - backed US achieved on the battlefronts against Daash isolation coordination with Russia, and implicitly through with its allies, led by the Syrian state.
Washington seems already decided and decided positioning on the finish line based on the Russian political flexibility in Geneva, snubbed Syria to keep alive the political process, no matter how arrogance and bravado group Riyadh and operators, and to demonstrate readiness for browning the founder of a political solution to the UN resolution 2254, to hand narrow your search by all Syrian affair of a sovereign negotiators Syrians, the government and the Syrian delegation will be ready to discuss everything unreservedly and without preconditions and has for each question , answer, as long as the Syrian negotiating Syria is the decisive results, and all that hard to negotiate go to the owner of the original agency , which the Syrian people to have a say at the ballot box, as long as the outside the whole, especially the involvement of it in the war on Syria, binding respect of non - interference in internal Syrian affairs,
and limit his intervention in the grounds that the international community on what is happening in Syria of priority war on terror door, and that the war on Daash alone does not shorten the war on terror, and that victory Front , which formed the horse 's main bet to topple Syria militarily or booby - trapping their state through their integration into the political process, it may decisively, the Syrian war and became the part of the American Russian coordination, which Syria announced that it will be within which to contest this dual war on the victory and Daash, in a meaningful signal, both in terms of the degree of Syria 's confidence and leadership including has been agreed upon, or in terms of what gives him the legitimacy to this understanding, which refused Aspagh on US unilateral raids.
clarity escalating in the image will be with the Declaration of Geneva for the start of US - Russian joint operations against Daash and the victory room on the first of August next, while starts UN envoy Staffan de Mistura with his adjutant round preliminary consultations to resume unconditional talks between the delegations of the government and the opposition, which is not clear is not the nature of her combination after the tremors that hit delegation Riyadh and the US understanding Russian to add the representation of democracy by the forces of Syria, and made ​​clear the positions of the opposition parties that withdrew from the previous talks on the return, while the situation cited by the withdrawal has not changed, while making the Saudi effort to market apologetic equations to encourage her group to return to Geneva, the boots to accept that research the future of the Syrian president has become pointless and a waste of time, the American Valtvahm Russian was overtaken in terms of installed the status of the Syrian president in the heart of the necessities of the war on terror, Vtmrr them once that the Europeans are trying to persuade Washington not to accept the candidacy of Syrian President in the upcoming presidential election, and again leak them to the survival of the Syrian president will be constrained by some of his powers only for a period of transition.
Lebanese, overhanging security concern put fickle and tense in the camps returned to the fore, and risk the survival of the status of East inventories of Arsal to the bottom outside the circle government decision decisively, while politically time is running out before the August retreat , which will include the pillars of the national dialogue, without being crystallized signals can be built upon to shifts graduated understanding affects the presidential election accomplished and the law of parliamentary elections, begins to prepare to live with a sea of crises until June next year and parliamentary elections according to the law of sixty, as the existing law, leaving would choose the next president of the new Council of Representatives.
fortifying Lebanon 's national priority
The president of the Syrian social nationalist party MP Asaad Hardan that the present situation that Lebanon is going through a sensitive and accurate, and on all political forces to play a positive role to overcome this circumstance, and fortify the country 's security and stability in the face of threats and challenges.
He stressed that immunize Lebanon against the occupation and against terrorism a national priority. This priority is not achieved through the positions, but also through the will , which is pushing for the completion of entitlements, and the election of a new President of the Republic, and the adoption of a parliamentary election law on the basis of a single circuit and relative franchise outside of the confessional registry, right down to activate the work of the basic state institutions.
He Hardan that terrorist attacks and threats against Lebanon, is not separate from the context of the terrorism which strikes in Syria and Iraq, the region and the world, so it is necessary to accelerate the take all steps and actions required in order to safeguard the security and stability of Lebanon.
in parallel, Hardan called on the Lebanese government to coordinate with the Syrian government in the subject of the displaced, and that the United Nations should be a part of this coordination, with a view to finding a solution to the suffering of displaced Syrians, including emerges placed those displaced from political investment Department, and makes dealing with them legally and humanly purely abused, and this in part contributes to the absence of factors that represent a security threat. He Hardan: Such coordination ensures the return of the largest number of displaced people to their areas, especially that the Syrian government has sufficient potential to secure shelter for its citizens and is constantly affirmed its position in this regard. And then the United Nations can assume their responsibilities in the delivery of aid to recipients across the Syrian government, and not through bodies and organizations sharing displaced on aid.
He Hardan to the need to turn the slogan to help Syrians who flies many countries a reality, through the lifting of sanctions imposed on Syria.
Retreat August will not come miracles
political forces gathered to retreat 2, 3 and 4 next August will not bring any miracles. Not yielded intermittent communications until the moment the presidential finding a way out of the crisis, because they have not reached the stage of maturity. The positions of MP Walid Jumblatt did not change in the reality of emptiness something, did not come bilateral Speaker Nabih Berri and Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil oil on the conclusion of a presidential agreement, despite what its shape These two developments of pumping doses of optimism sham about the approaching end to the presidential vacuum during the next three months.
Last shot
and confirmed Ayn al sources «constructive» that « the retreat of August will be the last shot . otherwise , we will enter into the unknown tunnel, and it will be difficult to accomplish any understanding or agreement, but that does not mean the end of dialogue. Fterkibh Lebanon requires us to have a permanent and ongoing dialogue. » The sources said that «reliability and bet on some of the regional developments and the progress in more than one path , and can open the doors of the main reasons to delay any settlement local.» It considered that « the continuing negative air internally with continued internal positions on what they are in the presidency and the oil and the budget and the election law files, will not help in the solution. Despite the positives in the oil file , it appears that there are those who do not want these positives to be completed and evolve to its purposes and objectives , which in its entirety if it continues in this manner is not grounds and national targets, but service for the purposes of external links ».
Veto Saudi continuously
said parliamentary sources in the FPM's« construction »that do not develop in the controversial files that will be the focus of research at the dialogue table, and thus make a breach in August bounces what goes into Lebanon in Daomh vacuum full in the institutions», and stressed that the presence of General Michel Aoun , the meetings have not yet been decided, but the presence of the current Gibran Basil settled ».
the sources pointed to the existence of communication between the FPM and the future Movement in the presidential file, but did not reach anywhere yet, it has denied any serious when Prime Minister Saad Hariri and MP Walid Jumblatt to walk baptism Aoun, questioning Arabia words that announced in the words of its ambassador in Lebanon that «no problem with the arrival of Aoun to the presidency», stressing that « the Saudi veto Aoun still exists».
the sources stressed that the FPM 's position has not changed on the subject of the election law , namely its commitment to relativism, excluded « to reach a common formula with the forces party the existence of different electoral calculations between the two teams , especially to attract Christians of Representatives ».
It considered that« the agreement on the oil file will not change anything in the articular files , particularly the electoral law and the presidency and thus the settlement in Lebanon is not yet mature awaiting Syrian developments ».
the sources quoted Aoun satisfaction to the point of non - election of the president, whatever was under the security, political and economic pressures and the threat of emptiness, but it is afraid of the stalemate without any progress for more than two years. She stressed that the issue of election of a president from outside the four poles is unthinkable and is debatable when Aoun under any circumstances. She stressed that « the situation will keep on stalling and will not relinquish power until everyone is convinced that there is no president in Lebanon unless Aoun».
Forces: absence does not mean disabled understanding
and confirmed by a member of the Lebanese Forces bloc MP Antoine Zahra's «construction« that the absence of Prime Forces leader Samir Geagea for dialogue sessions does not mean to disable access to the understandings, this possibility is already available, is not a new atmosphere suggest or promise that we are on the outskirts of the nearby settlement in terms of everything that is at stake, we are seeking for the election of General Michel Aoun, but is crowned with the good success in sessions early August doubt it ».
he said:« We do not expect any understanding in the coming sessions, Valslh as it is on the table do not adhere to the Constitution and the priorities set out by the constitution and constitutional meals », adding that « raised from outside the constitutional framework bypass the role of institutions with no Mmanatna Should the interlocutors to understanding to participate in its results, when troops were absent from the dialogue at the Baabda Palace and reach the interlocutors to the Baabda declaration, adopted, and the like exist and defended him more than interlocutors defended ».
in the election law file, Zahra said: If the joint committees have not reached a final commitment from all parties work on the adoption of mixed law or declaration that the law is mixed , and the details are being worked on, it means that there is no intention to adopt a new electoral law ». He continued: continue to repeat the basic positions does not mean approaching the understanding on the new law », indicating that« we are determined to reach the mixed Act provides health representation, but in the event of the failure of the House of Representatives to pass a new law, the election will be a judgment on the basis of the law force ».
future: optimism Aoun misplaced
stresses close to Saad Hariri sources for« constructive »that any loophole has not yet opened in the wall of the crisis, there is a positive indication of any developments, there is no understanding on the election of the President or the adoption of a new electoral law , or on the budget in light of the insistence on linking approval to cut off the account. » The sources stressed «to agree on the election of the easiest to agree on the President of the Republic Act.» Considered sources «that the situation will remain as it is waiting to unfold regional picture», arguing that there is no chance for the election of General Michel Aoun, and his election as soon Osath optimism is misplaced, Mr. Hariri 's position has not changed and will not changed. The sources refused to «talk about basketball integrated contrary to the origins of democracy, because it may not be constitutionally linked to any file that the subject of the presidency of the Republic».
Beautiful: the nomination of Aoun in front of a dead end
and said President Amin Gemayel , in a radio interview that «Aoun 's candidacy in front of a dead end», saying «that Candidate aware in advance that there is no chances of him », saying« Dr. Geagea nomination of General Aoun reaction to Prime Minister Hariri 's nomination for vice Franjieh ».
he pointed out« that Geagea 's nomination for Aoun latter making raises the level of attachment deactivating based on the Christian 's arm was not dreaming about it. So be Geagea has secured a Christian cover , even in good faith to prolong the vacuum, and gave Aoun excuse the continuation of his equation, I or no one ».
Reservation clause Hezbollah characterization b« terrorist »
, the head of the government involved Tammam Salam today in Summit Arab twenty - seventh will be held in the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott. the
president denied peace and there is no disagreement with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, he told a media entourage to the Arab summit in Nouakchott: «what raised is the word of the media only feigned not unfounded». He added: «I Barre eager to take out the oil file, and the convening of the ministerial committee under complete data View».
He said the extension of the leaders of the security services is Like the country in everything down to the extension of the crisis and the faltering and obstruction.
And item reservation summit of solidarity with Lebanon , he said: «When convenes summit see ».
As for Lebanon 's position on Hezbollah 's characterization of the terrorist, he stressed that the position is clear . He is serving a reservation on this item , like the previous summits». the
gunmen Almmuhon inside the camps of
security, the army managed to arrest in Arsal on the Syrian J.charf religion It is the doctor's Abu Malik mound. It
should be noted that some previous information had been talked about that the army was able to a large logistics officer for the front «victory» terrorist arrested on a roadblocks on the outskirts of the town of Arsal in the Bekaa , the North, pointing out that the stringent security measures are still List inside Arsal and its surroundings in search for wanted terrorists.
revealed high security sources told «constructive» that a special unit in the army was hunting for unusual movements of militants , the victory in the vicinity of the town of Arsal, after research and audit shows that the leadership on the ground militarily among a group of seven people was « exploratory and routine security mission in the vicinity of the town of Arsal an area adjacent to the sites and army units deployed in the region ».
the sources pointed out« that after the follow - up field investigations are performed to the merits of infiltration and goals, was the private doctor to Abu Malik Talli leader of al - Nasra terrorist appointment is unprecedented, where he was trying to flee to turn off one army checkpoints in Arsal. » According to private and initial security information «that the doctor was a medical mission urgently to Abu owner who suggested About serious injuries».
Military sources told «constructive» The military situation improved greatly and now holds the field and regained the initiative from the hands of militants in the neem who Pat worse position, so waiting for opportunities to enter into any village or Lebanese residential area, but the army put the defensive lines and focus ambushes of the leaders of terrorist organizations and monitor their movements and centers of their basic weapons », the sources warned that the danger comes not from the militants in inventories as much as lies in militants Almmuhin who live within the displaced and residential areas camps in the Bekaa , the North and East and West and in the Akkar and Beirut, he moves such militants as a prelude to any process of militants neem toward the inside Lebanon, and noted that «communication between militants in Syria and Lebanon have narrowed to a large extent but there are Jarrod channels between Arsal and bottom and between Arsal and Western Qalmoun, as long as the Valley of the Barada open possibility of armed leak of conscience to the desert to Lebanon a possibility ».