Blocs to nominate their representatives to the membership of the Committee on Constitutional Amendment


BAGHDAD / long - Presse

It revealed Badr parliamentary bloc, on Sunday, from the end of the political blocs to nominate representatives to the membership of the committee to amend the constitution, which is now awaiting ratification by the House of Representatives.

The bloc suggested that goes on more than 50 amendments highlighted item on the disputed areas No. (140), and shared powers, issues of personal status, and the sharing of financial resources.

So stressed Bloc coalition Iraqi forces on the importance of these amendments to end disagreements on them and frequent recourse to the Federal Court to resolve them.

The House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri called blocs and parliamentary figures, in the 17 of July of this, to submit candidates for the formation of a committee to amend the constitution. While gave it a maximum period of one week to submit names, he stressed that the Council will vote on the names of the candidates after the completion of their submission.

The MP said the nostalgia Qaddo, a member of the Badr parliamentary bloc, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "the parliamentary blocs and political parties have nominated their representatives for membership of the committee to amend the constitution and is now awaiting ratification by the House of Representatives."

Qaddo He added that "there are more than fifty constitutional article will be covered by the amendment, notably Article 140 on the disputed areas and shared powers, issues of personal status and the sharing of financial resources."

He pointed to a block by Badr that these "material has become controversial and raises persistent problems between the blocks and components requires the need to be adjusted under the agreement reached by the political blocs, where the upcoming parliamentary committee will take it."

For its part the MP Sajida Muhammad Yunus said of the Federation of Iraqi forces ,, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "political and parliamentary blocs agreed to form a committee to amend the constitution," calling "to include experts and activists civilians in the committee formed to study all the controversial paragraphs and modified."

MP Yunus explained that "the contentious items in the Constitution forced many agencies to resort to the Federal Court to decide on matters related thereto whenever they parliament or the government, to discuss the topic or prepare a law."

This is not the first time that Parliament confirms its intention to amend the constitution, which was written complex conditions in 2005, and received the support of 80% of the Iraqis.

And the failure of the House of Representatives for 11 years to make binding adjustments under the Constitution itself.

Article 142 of the Iraqi Constitution states that "Parliament constitute the beginning of the work of a committee of its members representing the components of the main Iraqi society whose mission is to report to Parliament within a period not exceeding four months, includes a recommendation for the necessary amendments that can be made to the Constitution and solve Committee after deciding on the proposals. "

The shape of the parliament in its first session between 2005-2009 a committee to study constitutional amendments, headed by Vice President of the current parliament Hamoudi and membership of the 29 deputies representing all components.

The Commission made in May 2007, the list of proposed amendments, but did not find its way to implementation so far.

Furthermore, it demanded high Nassif MP, a member of the reform front, that the Committee on Constitutional amendments include people jurists and experienced deputies and not from the heads of blocs.

Nassif said in a statement seen by (range), "The committees constitutional amendments and revision of the constitution that was previously formed in the House of Representatives failed and did not achieve any result, including the committee formed under the chairmanship of Sheikh Hamoudi, because it is formed according to the whims of the political blocs were selected its members in accordance with the principle of quotas and consensus, without considering the standard of experience in the legal and constitutional field and the grounds required by the constitutional amendments. "

She said the mass Reform member, said, "repetition of previous experiments failed in the selection of members of the Committee on Constitutional amendments in accordance with the quotas is a lie to the people, what is the benefit that comes personalities party wants to achieve its goals through constitutional amendments and interest from coming the same faces that wrote the Constitution in this way, which is he and reviewed it? ".

Nassif stressed "the need for the constitutional amendment committee comprising of finding himself in the efficiency and capability and has experience of the members of the House and not from the leaders of the political blocs, so as to avoid a repeat of the failure of previous committees."