Egyptian delegation to the Arab front in Baghdad confirms Egypt stands by Iraq in the face of terrorism

Special - balances News
Confirmed the head of the Egyptian delegation in the popular Arab conference to counter terrorism faith Mehran, Sunday, Egypt stands in support of any conference against terrorism humanitarian delegation, noting that the next phase will be transferred to anti-terrorism conference in Sharm El-Sheikh. She said Mehran's / balances News /, "Baghdad proactive in embracing such a conference, because Iraq has a long tradition in the fight against terrorism, and it should work people put pressure on their governments in this direction," indicating "the need to contribute to the media in this matter largely because of its significant impact. " Mehran added that "the work of a new front to fight terrorism because it was limited to governments in addressing terrorism", expressing "regret at the failure of most governments in this matter and the evidence half of the Arab countries suffer from terrorism." Mehran confirmed that "the pressure on Arab governments and respect for Arab culture will have a significant impact on the eradication of the terrorist ideology that distorted the Islamic religion." The Popular Front for Arab face of terrorism has held its founding conference the first in the capital Baghdad on Saturday and Bmeshrkh countries from Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Jordan, in addition to the 29 Alarac.anthy From: Flaih slain