Government of Iraq: Maliki is not at all convinced of the performance of the central bank governor

Friday, April 13 / April 2012 11:03

Twilight News / Iraqi government confirmed on Friday that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is "absolutely convinced" the performance of the Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi Ntgah to the persistence of high inflation in the country and the recent economic crisis.

He accused the central bank yesterday for "Twilight News", speculators in the currency market attempts of illicit enrichment through the exploitation of crises experienced by some neighboring countries and the smuggling of hard currency to it that are harmful to the value of Iraqi dinar, saying that the value of the last strong for having an enormous reserve of the U.S. dollar.

A member of the Committee on Economic Affairs Minister Mohammed Al Shammari's " Twilight News "," The Maliki is not convinced at all, including Shabibi provided by the central bank governor. "

He explained, "al-Maliki believes that Shabibi Aansag with the fiscal policy pursued by the Iraqi government to continue the unjustified result of high inflation and the devaluation of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar."

He added that "the House of Representatives is authorized to the control of the central bank and keep the details of his work and stage Anjazath past and discover how the Iraq lacks fiscal policy."

The price of the dollar has seen in recent days, notable gains, reaching exchange rates of the dollar to 132 thousand dinars for every $ 100, while the central bank set exchange rate of 117 thousand dinars for every $ 100, an increase of 15 thousand Iraqi dinars.

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