Economic representative: Central Bank independent financially and administratively and its association with the Council of Ministers

Date: Friday, 13-04-2012 09: 36 am

Baghdad (newsletter) ... According to the parliamentary Economic Committee member on the National Alliance Deputy//Abdul Abbas sheyaa, that the Iraqi Constitution grants the Central Bank right customer demand full independence for an interference
, Noting that the Constitution gave the right coordination between the Government and the Central Bank and not full government control.
Sheyaa said (News News Agency): that the Central Bank is independent financially and administratively no hand that placed under its control as the Central Bank Act No. (66) of the year (2004), while article 24 of law No. (56) of the year (2004) passed to the Central Bank and the Government on monetary policy coordination among themselves, and also the Council of Ministers granted the right to call the Governor of the Central Bank or any member of the Bank for the purpose of debate in matters of monetary policy of the country provided that it does not interfere with the Federal Government The content of the work.
He added: If the view of the Government coordination with the Central Bank to consult on monetary policy conditions in the country, this is good and called for the Iraqi Constitution, but if the view dependency and impose full control over this therefore rejected from everyone because it conflicted with the Iraqi Constitution.
This Presidency has asked Prime Minister to a Central Bank under his control through consistent financial and Monetary Affairs in the country./finished/8 n. p.