Announcement tomorrow about the formation of a new bloc of the Iraqi List

Thursday, April 12 / April 2012 16:59

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates announce a number of members of the Iraqi List, politicians and members of various parties tomorrow for the formation of a new block under the name of the movement of the will of the {Iraq}.

And saw the Iraqi List, in the past split a number of its members and the formation of blocks separate from the Iraqi Kketlh white block and patriots.
And said Hamas spokesman Ahmed al-Bayati told the News} {Euphrates today that "this block Stzm all colors of the Iraqi spectrum and there is no any intersection with any party," adding that "we will work for one united Iraq."

"The mass and brought many calls for all political parties and parliamentarians, tribal leaders, clerics and academics and intellectuals who want Palanzmam to it, refusing to disclose the names of the block."

He noted that "we will announce on this block tomorrow."