Edit cupboard area from Anbar province killed 70 Daashaa

Announced the commander of the Seventh Army Division in Anbar province , Maj . Gen. Abdul - Naumann Zubai, Monday, edit cupboard area and raise the Iraqi flag over the buildings.
Zobaie said in an interview, " The pieces of the seventh Army band and tribal fighters backing and support from the international coalition aviation and air power and artillery were able, today, edit cupboard area west of Hit, (70 km west of Ramadi)."
He Zubai, that "our forces managed to kill 73 terrorists from Daash and the destruction of three wheels and the dismantling of 500 who became an explosive device and adjust the manual tank 20 contains a substance Sifor."
He Zubai, that " the most important thing witnessed edit cupboard process is to keep people in their areas have not seen any of them displaced operations", adding that "all the villages in the cupboard became under the control of army troops and tribal fighters."