Respecting other peoples time
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Thread: Respecting other peoples time

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    Respecting other peoples time

    Love the live talks immensely but I logged on on time at 7:30 EST Wednesday night and I am still waiting 45 minutes later. Hope this isn't the same every week. I don't mind waiting for a few minutes and I would have no problem listening for as long as you're planning to talk but really. It's pushing an hour now. Wonder if you put the wrong number or code online. Too bad. Hanging on till 8:30 then I will continue no longer. Better things to do.

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    Re: Respecting other peoples time

    We'll, the messaging service just said the moderators have not yet arrived, please call again later, then it hung up on me. Great.

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    Re: Respecting other peoples time

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I thought there was a live chat going on I waited over an hour and never found any chat. Am I on the wrong day? I thought it was Wednesday at 7:30 Eastern Standard time? ??

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