Discuss current developments and laws proposed in the House of Representatives
A forthcoming meeting of the three presidencies and the National Alliance
Baghdad / justice - 12/04/2012 - 11:18 PM

In order to contain the political crisis and contain its repercussions and access to a common formula to resolve the differences that exist compass heading the political movement toward a meeting of the three presidencies in order to stand on the developments of the political scene and the current crisis all the way to a national meeting.

In this context, explained the official spokesman for the Supreme Islamic Council Sheikh Humaid that "Najafi will call the three presidencies to hold a meeting from which to activate the national meeting," noting that "It is during the meeting will also invite the Preparatory Committee for the resumption of work." And added that "the meeting will be held during the the next few days, and this is the direction that will go to him and talking about the political developments have had a National Alliance, an assessment of the status quo and reviewed in its periodic update on the political process and draft laws proposed in the House of Representatives.

The National Alliance, the need to confront the challenges pending and closing ranks to resolve outstanding issues in the political process as soon as possible through the early convening of National Meeting, which was postponed because of the Arab summit conference.

A press release said of the alliance that the meeting reviewed the current political situation, and Mostagdath addition to discussing the key issues and important files and draft resolutions put forward in the House of Representatives. The statement pointed out that the National Alliance stresses the need to accelerate the formation of the new Electoral Commission, and approval of the members of the Court of Cassation of these two institutions, especially the importance of voting that they complete the scene reinforces the democratic and legal institutions can do its work properly.