Maliki heads a regime dominated by corruption and brutality and the law is used as a
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Thread: Maliki heads a regime dominated by corruption and brutality and the law is used as a

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    Maliki heads a regime dominated by corruption and brutality and the law is used as a

    U.S. magazine Foreign Affairs: Maliki heads a regime dominated by corruption and brutality and the law is used as a tool against his opponents
    Ahmed Saadi / Shatt al-Arab - 11/04/2012 PM - 6:36 p.m.

    Newspaper of Foreign Affairs of America "foreign affairs" in a report titled "Iraq, which we leave behind us" in the month of April 2012, a detailed report on the situation in Iraq by writer Ned Parker.Translation team in the Shatt al-Arab News Agency has translated the most important paragraphs of the report are as follows:

    "After 9 years on the overthrow of Saddam and the passage of a few months
    on the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, the country became the closest thing to a failed state, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki heads a regime dominated by corruption and brutality and use it, the political leaders of the security forces and militias to suppress the enemy and intimidate the general public. as the law is used as a tool against opponents but hide the disadvantages of the Allies. has faded dream of an Iraq ruled by elected leaders accountable to the people. "

    "The Iraqi government is unable to provide basic services such as electricity and clean drinking water and decent health care for the citizens.
    As the unemployment rate among young men approaching 30%, which makes it easy to recruitment by criminal gangs and rebel factions.""The methods adopted by the Prime Minister but is a repetition of the patterns adopted by his predecessors during the monarchies that followed the Ottoman rule, through the Prime Minister of Iraq, the first Abdul Karim Qasim and down to Saddam Hussein and based argument (set yourself first and Protect Authority security apparatus to Aarahm) and that al-Maliki The weakening of the safeguards of democracy and anti-corruption agencies to use in targeting political enemies as well as his authoritarian style and favoritism, which may lead to the end of his authority and push Iraq into civil war again. "
    "The biggest mistake committed by Washington, is the support provided by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, with U.S. officials believed that the Islamist Shiites are the only who has the credibility and legitimacy.""The decision of the Iraqi prime minister arrested Tariq al-Hashimi after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq is the neglect of it for national reconciliation and undermine the promise which was launched in front of U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington on Iraq, a democratic and stable, also reflects harnessed the law and the state to achieve his ambitions."
    "The Iraqi Prime Minister uses secret prisons under the supervision of his securityand there is conclusive evidence of the Red Cross about these prisons and stated in its report that there is evidence of concern refers to the torture of detainees to extract confessions from them, as well as provide evidence of ill-treatment, including rape and electric shocks to sensitive areas of the body and the information indicates that some of the torture sessions were attended by Iraqi judges and remember the Red Cross reports having 3 secret prisons in the Green Zone, linked to al-Maliki's office. "

    "The spread of corruption in the police and army displays prisoners to extortion and cause a major imbalance in the system of security in Iraq. And that the culture of illicit gain pose a threat to the country, for example, provides commanders lists of soldiers and fictitious and are receiving salaries for them while receiving others, security officials and military officers bribes of civilian contractors for things ranging from food to military equipment as well as by some senior officials set up companies and Aaghih to seize money and the Ministry of Commerce. "
    "Up corruption to the highest levels of government, and even can be seen in the general budget of the state as the Iraqi government announced in 2011 that she does not know the fate of the $ 25 billion has been allocated by the central government to the provinces and companies owned by the state. Also achieved the Integrity Commission with the Minister Commerce and former member of the Dawa Party, on charges of embezzlement Abdafilah Sudanese and tried to escape out of the country after weeks of accident exchange of fire between protection and investigators in the center of Baghdad and was sentenced to prison for a brief period but later dropped the charges against him. "
    "Resigned chief of Public Integrity last September after being disappointed with the ability to investigate with adults in power and was replaced by al-Maliki someone less dangerous to them. We met with the administrator in the fight against corruption showed me the veiled threats from the president is accused of funneling money to the Dawa Party . "
    "Maliki is apparently facing a possible breakup of his popular base fueling fears of the minority Sunni boycott of not relying on him to the dominance of Shiites Aikhatron on the political process in Iraq."Founded the American magazine Foreign Affairs in 1922 by the Council on Foreign Relations, one of the most important political magazines in the United States and is Mtbatha by the political elite and the Academy. 1734
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