Iraqi longer activate the Arbil decisive step to end the political crisis
Wednesday, April 11 2012

MP from the coalition in Iraq Qusay Fri full commitment to the agreement of Arbil is important and decisive step to end the political crisis plaguing the country.

Gomaa said on Wednesday that: "lack of commitment to the implementation of the agreement by a coalition of Erbil / State Law / enter the country in successive political crises," and urged "a coalition of state law to abide by its obligations regarding the agreement and its implementation at a rapid pace."

He said Friday "is that procrastination and delay in the implementation of the agreement Sadvian on the conditions of the country in general more of the instability that price is paid by the citizen."

The Iraqi implementation of the Arbil, mainly to resolve the crises and problems in the political process in the country, especially the issue of balancing the government and the release of detainees and the resolution of a candidate for the Ministry of Defence, while insisting coalition of state law that he executed the agreement was left of him but to resolve the file security ministries.