Syrian factions afraid to give "safety" of dissidents from state regulation - archive

What the fate of hundreds of dissidents from organizing Daash recently?

He said elements of Front victory a few days ago, that "hundreds of members of state regulation defected J northwest of Aleppo, Azaz District."
Days after the announcement, rumors were circulating on social networking sites that "the Corps Sham receipt of women who were in the organization of the state, to the Turkish authorities." The militants attacked the jihadists "Corps sham" for having handed over "immigrants to their home governments," which will cause exposure to arrest and torture, according to the saying. "Corps Sham" in turn, lie all the allegations that have been raised against him about his extradition none of the elements of the organization to Turkey. He explained Legion during a statement seen by "Arabic 21", that "Since that God is open to us in our battles with the Kharijites, God has blessed us to kill them and captured a number of them." The statement continued: "Some of them resorted to us on the run and a breakaway for Jehamanm, repentant, or driven them malcontent and jeopardized."
Corps confirmed that the dissidents are being held to organize the state for security reasons, adding that "Turkey does not accept anyone who does not receive a passport or card (Camlik)." The statement added: "We confirm once again that they are still under our hands, we feed Jaiahm, and heal Jeriham, and we fear treachery Mitrbeshm." He also called for "Sham Corps," the legitimate bodies to cooperate on finding a proper solution to the issue of defectors from state regulation, after investigation. "Aldoaash plague," one prominent elements Front victory in the "Twitter", stressed the non-delivery of "Legion Sham" any element of state regulation, except for four Turks at their request personal, as saying.
He continued in the Tweets on his account in the "Twitter": "There are hundreds of dissidents, and we take the pledge of Sham Brigade and the front maize brother not to surrender any immigrant to any third party was that they came from the Khawarij repentant." "The plague" that most of the dissidents want to join the Front victory and Ahrar al-Sham, but the fear of "treachery" preclude approval on them. "Plague" He also explained that the dissidents told them the desire of hundreds of state regulation of dissent, because of the increased atonement, which amounted to atone for some of the elements of each, in addition to injustice, and other reasons. The Saudi preacher Abdullah Mhaisni, the public judge for "military conquest," called the major factions in northern Syria, and the legitimate bodies to settle dissidents file for state regulation. Syrian factions fear that the release of dissidents for the organization, because of the possibility of having sent by the organization to penetrate the factional elements, and carry out operations against them, according to activists.