Pass near the oil law
10/04/2012 0:00

BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab
told reliable sources "morning" that a meeting anticipated to be held between representatives of the central government and the provincial government to resolve the file oil and gas law, which is still at a standstill for more than 5 years.
The sources confirmed that the meeting may resolve the debate over this law is important, paving the way for the leadership of Iraq to the world oil market, especially with the policies of the government to increase production and exports. and MP for a coalition of state law Aboud Issawi that the oil and gas law is suffering from controversial because of the inaccuracy of the interpretation of the constitutional articles. He said al-Issawi's "morning" that natural resources are the property of the Iraqi people, adding that there are three drafts of the law prepared by the Commission on oil and gas in the former House of Representatives and the draft prepared by the government in cooperation with the Commission on oil and gas in the current Council and the draft proposed by the authority of the province and these strong differences, one of the problems between the authority of the province and the center and we hope to solve the problems at future meetings. For his part, said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Hassan Jihad said the draft law of oil and gas made ​​by the government to the House of Representatives did not agree upon the political parties. Jihad said "morning", said the central government made ​​a project of 2007 did not pass this law for many reasons have not agreed upon by the political parties, declaring that the government is in the process of preparing for a new draft law agreed upon by the political blocs and would be accepted by all and will be put to a vote. The aim of the oil law by the Council of Ministers that "the ownership of oil and gas in Iraq is for all people in all regions and provinces, and control of oil and gas so as to ensure equitable distribution of their resources among the people, in addition to the federal government management and development of sources of petroleum in order to achieve the national interest at any stage of the operations of petroleum through the formations and bodies contained in the law. "