Frank’s CC Notes 4.10.2012

What was spoken about yesterday was verified by articles today. The shutdown over the weekend

The majors by the CBI were shut down

Seems they have to get their gov’t in order

Today, Shabibi attributes the rise in the value of the dollar with the intense political situation.

Everything is from yesterday.

Shabibi tells the speaker of the GOI. He wants to be hosted and explain something to them. He is explaining the reality of the phase of the monetary policy.

Explain and illustrate the 1:1 and the exchange rate

Shabibi explains they have not wasted time; they are done with the majors.

He now says he wants to speak with the GOI

From Iraqyia TV, Delta called, Shabibi has his happy face on. “in the coming days” is now “in the coming “FEW” days!” He has his DONE face on now.

He’s telling the people what he was telling the government. Shabibi showing less stress!!

The word “urgent” in the article is being said on TV to the people. The meeting with the GOI in the next few days.

They could get chapter 7 around the 15th.

We are full circle with Shabibi. We are not under white alert any longer.

In 2004 de la rue commissioned. Not ready in 2005. 2006 Shabibi comes out and says we plan to implement the monetary reform to our currency and bring back our value to the 80s and 90s but it will take many steps.

There is urgency with Shabibi to explain things to the GOI. He’s showing the plan from the authors plan. This is huge!!

This is full circle of the monetary policy.

Shabibi would not waste his time with the GOI. If he’s going to go and shut down everything and explain what is about to occur with their currency…

Shabibi gave them a “red line” over there, if you draw a red line, you will not cross this line.

This urgency was yesterday, not today. Team is working on calculations of time. “In the coming “few” days”

Things are worked out with Maliki. When Maliki went to Shabibi and they passed the law. Maliki asked for money. But he was denied.

There is going to be a deterioration of the IQD value. This is urgency. Inflation is our friend!!

Historically Iraq’s currency has revalued in April the most!

Something is happening. The GOI knows now...finally.

Before the 15th a lot has to happen.

Everyone in Iraq is talking about the IQD going up in value everywhere!! DONE!!