Womankind "Wild" organized "Daash"

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Found "dignified Abdul Aziz Krhot," biter savage organized "Daash" in an area 18 kilometers west of Ramadi camp, Anbar Center, western Iraq, with my child her co-wife who intend to escape with them to Syria, leaving behind her husband, leader of the Great Aldaasha, to flag the end of its disparate torturing women and forced marriages of Aldoaash duress.
It was decent, one of the most dangerous and the most prominent women's organization "Daash" in Anbar, emerged from Khalidiyah Island, between civilian families who were being held as human shields, shielding the Aldoaash of bombing and military progress Forces Alaracah.o_khasna a local Iraqi sources, from inside the camp, 18 kilometers where "dignified biter" present the details of her story and the crimes that cause the execution of no small number of women and men at the hands of the organization "Daash," in Khalidiya island located between Fallujah and Ramadi. The source says that reservation to be named, said that "decent" wife called "Mubarak Mohammed Abbas," one of the most important leaders of the organization "Daash" ,, a woman in the early forties, a resident of Albuabad area in Khalidiya Island, which was out for "shells Hell "to spend Khalidiya and nearby areas to target civilians and troops by the terrorist organization. And crept dignified with civilian families is organizing "Daash" Benzouhha from Khalidiyah Island to the north of gray Thar Thar area, then moved the Thar Thar area, north of Ramadi, and which moved with the family car the army, to 18 kilometer camp, a few days ago, Afajkh regulation houses, streets and cars equipped to start the battle to liberate the island, which was launched a battle restored by Iraqi forces, since Saturday. It was dignified, oversees the selection of girls and bringing them wives of the elements of the organization "Daash" because they could not of their choice due to unveil latent for Mlamhan, and imposed on them by the regulation, and the lack of movement in the streets for fear of being exposed to them Daasha harasser snooping on their clothes baggy, and their fingers anyway pant, the escape Aldaashaat the queen of the disparate their sentence between "biting women teeth of iron, or Qrsn tool steel" if Caesarean rules Alchmar.oerafq dignified, my child, "her co-wife that left her husband after his membership of the organization" Daash ", namely Ahmed at the age of seven years and Shaima 13 years, to flee their plans to close during the gray island, located However, the organization, and to walk the road to Syria after receiving calls from relatives told her to secure a home for Ha.ofatt source, that for a decent one daughter only her name "Noor", forced it to marry three elements organized "Daash", but they were killed in the liberation of Anbar fighting the progress of Iraqi forces. As dignified lost, her four children who Anzmwa to organize "Daash", and also killed the progress of Iraqi forces, following the air strikes of the international coalition against terrorism and aviation Iraqi army earlier, while her husband is likely to escape the control of L. regulation areas in Syria. And decent working was part of an intelligence organization, is spying on the mouths of women and men civilians, monitors their terms which swear by Aldaoash and succession, and ends with the expression of suffering the most miserable arrest and execution, as women were searching in the markets and bite irregularities Islamic Fashion of veil and black veil, to the brim with all the brutality of violence . He noted the source, to another Teether associates for a decent, came out of the Khalidiya Island, also located in the 18 kilometer camp, her name "Adiba Mohamed Abdel Knight" from Albuabad Khalidiya area in the island, went out with Almedinh.onoh families source, that the security forces came looking for Adiba in the camp, to being one of the most dangerous women "Daash" because of its torturing hundreds of women using an electric detonator and forced under severe beating and biting to send their children and their children to belong to the terrorist organization, but the family has not been reported in the camp for fear of retaliation, including the severity of their terror of them. The literary work of a similar dignified crimes, punish women, and forced to marry Aldoaash and devote their ears to listen for the intelligence organization, in exchange of money and gold jewelry Qmn money stolen from the civics and Jmanha of kidnapping and looting. The fate of women Daash In Iraq, the fate of the wives of the leaders and members of the "Daash" in Anbar province, which alone accounts for one-third of the country's territory to the west, which witnessed large-scale military operations and victorious Iraqi forces on terrorism of Bdaash. The two officials from Anbar In a statement, the two Rajeh al-Issawi, head of the security committee in the provincial council, and DLF Kubaisi security adviser to the governor of the article, that the wives and families of elements and leaders of local Daash, were transferred to camps for displaced people in the Amiriyah Fallujah and spend Khalidiya, and no arrest of any woman or children with Aldoaash, because the law prevents the arrest on behalf of, the investigation wives and girls deferred until the completion of business regulation.
According to a local source, some of the women's organization "Daash", particularly the Arab nationality and foreign, they move from areas of military operations, to other cities under the control of the organization, and fleeing with Aldoaash to the far west of Anbar or the biggest stronghold and the last northern Iraq, Mosul, or to Syria and Turkey. Revealed Iraqi security and local sources to us, that the wives of the elements and the leaders of "Daash" dropped out of the Khalidiya Island, and carrying huge US dollar funds, and kilos of gold jewelery belonging to their husbands, who secured these treasures overnight with before fleeing to Syria and Mosul, Anbar, which lost control of the majority of spaces which was Bakdthm.oohart sources to the confiscation of 110 thousand US dollars, with 2 kilograms of gold, one of the wives of the elements of the organization "Daash" came out of the Khalidiya Island, near the 18 kilometer camp, on Saturday, after a search of her purse by Iraqi forces, in front of her husband who know him a crowd Anbar forces and fighters told him that it is a terrorist organization. Money carried by the women of the terrorist organization, are the elements salaries and leaders, gathered from the civilians who were robbed of their money and dragging them forcibly abduct their sons and daughters and extortion, threats of death if left behind to pay a fine and flimsy pretext of a fairy tale regulation, and the confiscation of the displaced people's property and sell their real estate and cars and furniture and even their clothes moved Anbar to Syria via the existing spend, west of the province. And marries Aldaashaat who kill their husbands regulation in battles, from other colleagues for them in the organization, and for the foreigners in the privacy of a choice, do not marry only is chosen it and be men "soldiers" and not from the police or the calculation, especially those who in Mosul, as I talked to local sources for us .aada Daashaat were able to flee to Turkey and Syria from Iraqi territory, after reducing their salaries to almost US $ 50, and the killing of their colleagues in the terrorist organization, following the flight of the international coalition against terrorism strikes in Mosul, Nineveh center, dominated by the organization in mid-2014. Aldaashaat and threatening the future in addition to the very organization "Daash," recruited women, especially foreign women and Arab women, applied for "sexual jihad", makes them a threat to the future of the world, after their return to their country with their children Bdaihm saturated genes brutal Aldoaash and veins publishes succession organization who wishes globally deployed belts and improvised explosive attacks, fire and various sleeper cells in the corners of Alecoqb.oomah tribal Albouchaban, official crowd Anbar in the district of Khalidiya, Mohammed Herat, noted that the security agencies and the local government, the former does not deal with women who Atortun with organizing "Daash," saying "but at this stage, we will have a second affair due to cooperation with the organization in some rags that occurred Alborahh area north of Ramadi. " He says Herat, "At first we did not have any accounting with women and children," Daash "in Anbar, to the fact that women are forced under the violence, but we did not want to distort the battle, but we found a number of women," Daash "participated by multiplying the Iraqi forces when the infiltration of elements of the organization some regions Alborahh and Znkurh, north of Ramadi, last month, after about 100 days to liberate the two regions at the hands of forces from the control Aldaoash.