Supreme Council reveals the proposed law "economic capital of Basra"

On: Wednesday 11/4/2012 9:35

 Baghdad / range
revealed the Supreme Islamic Council for termination of proposed law on the transfer of Basra to the capital of Iraq's economic and submit it to the House of Representatives for the completion of the first and second readings and after his approval. The MP said the mass of citizens represented by the upper house of parliament Abdul-Hussein Abtan The mass of citizens finished drafting the proposed law on the capital of Basra, Iraq's economic

And collected more than a signature to a hundred deputies from all the political blocs and turned the project to the Presidency of the Council to take its natural context in the legislation. The Abtan by telephone (range) yesterday, "the proposed law includes important clauses increase the allocations of Basra and its powers and administrative structural change so that it is consistent with the size of the new responsibilities in the management of the economic capital of Iraq."

The proposal of Basra, capital of Iraq's economic, launched by Ammar al-Hakim when he visited - some time ago - the province of Basra and meeting segments of society Basra, professors, academics, tribal leaders and elders and clerics, students and listened to what aspires to the citizen optic and to the concerns and suffering.

The stands proposed by Abtan on two pillars namely, that "This law will give to the people of the province of Basra greater authority to the wealth and facilities of the Federal within the limits of the capital, such as ports, oil and gas, railways, etc., as well as follow-up assignments and increase in order to provide services to the people of the province."

And share the province of Basra, about 590 km south of Baghdad, in which they live more than three million people, up to an international with both Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and Iran, where the largest and most important oil fields in Iraq, in addition to a number of large industrial plants, including iron and steel plants, petrochemical and fertilizer chemical.

According to the Ministry of Oil, Iraq exports about two million barrels of oil per day, including at least a million and a half million are issued through the ports of Basra and al-Amaya, also includes the preservation of five commercial ports oldest port stronghold which dates its existence to the year 1914, as well as the port of Faw, who became a harbor for fishing vessels, and in 1965 created the port of Umm Qasr, which was the largest and most important commercial ports before you take the Ministry of Transport decision Bashtrh to two ports trading and fired at the new port name of the Khawr Abd Allah, while the saw in 1989 the completion of the construction of the port of Khor Al-Zubair, who containing the docks and warehouses, industrial, and in 1976 created the port of Abu Flus on the bank of the Shatt al-Arab, and is currently the most active commercial ports in spite of its small area.