"Mafia" hit the economy, the dollar smuggling to neighboring countries
Tuesday 10/04/2012 10:08

Baghdad / menopausal Hossam Acommok accused the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives nominated by "mafia Iraqi traders" smuggle the dollar to the neighboring countries that suffer economic sanctions, international (Iran and Syria), comes at a time expressed the Central Bank of confusion about the increasing demand for the dollar, stressing that an unknown person (ghost) stands behind it.

The price of the dollar in the markets of Iraq and the correspondent term to 1227 Iraqi dinars, and despite this, the auction the bank is witnessing demand heavy on it. member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Haitham Jubouri said that "the economic embargo on Iran and Syria make them in need of hard currency (dollar) which is are exploited (mafia) Iraqi traders and worked on smuggled into these countries at the expense of the national economy. " and moves Jubouri difficult to control on the roads by which that is the process of converting the dollar by the traders, and yesterday, "the smuggling format transfer electronic under the pretext of shopping or transfer money to some people. " and the actions taken by the government and relevant agencies to reduce these operations, member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, "The actions taken by the Central Bank by identifying the amount to be transferred and the recipient have undermined the smuggling and contributed to the slightly lower price of the dollar compared to the past and continued follow-up procedures will restore the bank to the dollar to put the past. " Experts in the economic They are brought by the Finance Committee, but added the factors of internal trade, and the activity of terrorist groups finance their operations.
The economist said Majid picture, "there is a set of pressure to buy the dollar in Iraq resulted from political and economic conditions in neighboring countries, especially Syria and Iran which are subjected to economic sanctions, leading to its high price compared to the Iraqi dinar. "
He said the picture "What brought by the Parliamentary Finance Committee, is true to some extent .. but there are other things that have affected the price of the dollar in the forefront of a lot of money to go to domestic trade as well as money pumped by armed groups to finance their terrorist operations, which are usually in dollars. " Central Bank agreed is the one with the Finance Committee moved the dollar on the events taking place in the regional countries and the scarcity of hard currency in which, expressing surprise at the growing demand to buy it. Deputy Governor of the Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said "the Finance Committee has extensive information about this, because it Supervisor of the legislative side and have a link with all the bodies that can provide information and documents confirming the smuggling of hard currency to neighboring countries. "
But the benefit surprised at the increasing demand for hard currency, and explained, "there is someone who is unknown (specter) open bank accounts of dozens of traders is true to meet certain currency between the two parties ".