[Oan- Baghdad] praised the decision of the House of Representatives Imad Youkhana Federal Court judge 's decision not to invoke Bgelsta parliament, describing it as "wise."
Among Youkhana said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, " The Federal Court 's decision not to invoke Bgelsta Parliament on 14 and 26 April , returned matters to what it was previously."
He added Youkhana " The issuance of this decision proved the independence and neutrality and said the Federal Court it is not subject to any pressure , "adding that the court 's decision" is binding on all political parties , which makes the atmosphere of the upcoming parliamentary sessions appropriate to convene again after the legislative end of the holiday. "
the Federal Court has decided in its day Irrelevance Bgelsta the House [ of Representatives of the protesters] day 14 and 26 of April.
the court also considered the parliament session on April 26 , which saw the vote on the reshuffle "is unconstitutional because it was held in an atmosphere contrary to the Constitution."