Barzani and the Alliance are not sitting down!
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Thread: Barzani and the Alliance are not sitting down!

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    Exclamation Barzani and the Alliance are not sitting down!

    Non-governmental organization in Dahuk launches campaign popularity for the Kurdish statehood

    Monday 09 April 2012 14: 22 GMT

    Campaign to gather popular support for the Kurdish statehood launches in Dohuk

    Alsumaria news/duhok
    Launched non-governmental organization based in Dahuk governorate, Monday, a campaign to gather popular support for the Kurdish statehood, calling political parties and citizens of Kurdistan Iraq to unify their position and exploiting the present juncture to establish an independent Kurdish State.

    An official flag protection group "Organization of Kurdistan", color characteristics, in an interview with Shaykh for "Sumerian news", "his", an awareness campaign on Monday in Dohuk Governorate last several days, and will be transferred to other cities in Kurdistan ", stating that" campaign "aimed at mobilization of popular support for the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, independent Kurdish State Declaration".

    Shaikh characteristics that "Street and the Kurdish parties split between pro exhibitions on the subject of the Declaration of independence", pointing out that "the campaign aims to create awareness among street that present circumstances ripe for the Kurdish statehood".

    Science Group Administrator called Kurdistan, President of Kurdistan "to speed up the return to the opinion of the people and the Declaration of independence", "Kurdish political parties and civil society organizations to support the option of independence".

    He noted that "the right of Al-Kurd independence as the rest of the peoples of the region, because their geographical region and political entity and legal institutions, nor can the world ignore them."

    Flag of Kurdistan is the community organization founded year 2009, with headquarters in Dahuk governorate 460 km north of Baghdad, with volunteers operating in various cities of the region in the area of science definition of Kurdistan and protection.

    Escalated disputes between the political blocs after that shifted from different Iraqi State law to disagreement with the Kurdistan Alliance, after new President of Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani in Iraq (6 April 2012), during his visit to the US offensive against the Central Government in Baghdad and accused it of reneging on promises and commitments, and stressed that the Kurds would not accept in any way that the positions and powers but one person, warning refer to people in case of unresolved problems.

    Barzani's visit came amid an unprecedented escalation between him and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on the background of remarks from I to II vitriolic in (20 March 2012), criticizing what he called the "army of two" in country "condemns allegiance to one person," Bedie authority collection and stressed that "enough is enough" that person who holds as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces and Minister of Defense, Interior and intelligence chief and other places, saying analarak is moving towards "the abyss" because of class power want to jar to "dictatorship", also threatened to declare a State Independent Kurdistan.

    Barzani also said in the interview published Sunday (8 April 2012), he is determined to invite Iraqi leaders to the meeting after returning to develop solutions to pull the country out of crisis, stressing that if Maliki refused to attend and the immediate commencement of the application of the Constitution and political agreements that led to the formation of the Government, Al-Kurd reject Prime Minister Maliki continued.

    The remaining differences between Baghdad and Erbil on territory oil contracts with foreign firms as well as oil and gas law continues its role, because the Federal Government contracts which the Government expected all of Kurdistan "illegal."

    Speaking media in Baghdad and Kurdistan, Friday (6 April 2012), a political agreement between the National Alliance and Iraqi Kurdistan Alliance to withdraw confidence from the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and nomination of irreplaceable chairing.
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