Shiite guerrillas pledged to defend Al-Kurd, Baghdad and accused of belonging to the governmental body threatened

Monday 09 April 2012 13: 52 GMT

Alsumaria news/Baghdad
Sincere promise Corps threatened an armed Shiite groups in Iraq, Monday, to take up arms to defend citizens and Kurd in Baghdad Arabic if targeted areas, with personal which threaten Al-Kurd accused in these areas belonging to "hand in the Iraqi Government."

The Secretary-General said the net regulation Abdul Jabar said at a press conference today, in the Jadiriyah area of Baghdad attended by "Sumerian news" we are ready to take up arms to defend citizens Kurd in false calls calling them out of Baghdad and Arabic regions during days. "

Sincere promise Corps was announced on 19th March past the shift from organized armed civilian service stream named "the weak and the oppressed", alflik in adibiath confirms that was founded in 2006 to fight the "American occupation" within the Mahdi Army militia and then split decision to establish a special "line" struggler as stress regulators.

NET added that "the person who called for Kurd output from Baghdad Arabic regions belonging to the Government and must be expelled and removed from the cluster to which it belongs", stating that he "wants to be fought in a militia Division and its citizens".

A number of media news, Friday, (6 April), in a statement issued by spokesman Regiment 9 Badr Abu Abdullah of the Iraqi almhamdaoi algeary coalition members have all Kurds in Baghdad and areas with national Arabic weeks for departure to Kurdistan, and threatened that otherwise would take up arms against (President of Kurdistan, Massoud) Barzani and with him, adding that he "warned butting in.

Secretary-General renewed the Alliance of sons of Iraq algeary Abbas almhamdaoi, Saturday, (7 April) asking him to leave Al-Kurd from Baghdad and all land Arabic, calling make entry into those lands beviza, confirmed that the Kurd respect make them value and prestige.

WordPress supported pool to change Kurdish, Friday, (6 April), demanding the prosecution of Al-Kurd deputies Secretary General Abbas algeary sons of Iraq Coalition almhamdaoi on charges of "terrorism" for threatening to kill Al-Kurd in Arabic, called on the Government to take firm action in this regard, all parties warned of an attempt to prejudice the dignity of Al-Kurd.

With description of the Kurdistan Alliance, Saturday, (7 April), a coalition of Iraq algeary b "racist and terrorist" after the threat of Secretary General Abbas almhamdaoi Al-Kurd killed in Arab areas, and in the neighborhood had threatened to bring a lawsuit against the Coalition, demanded protection for the Kurds.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki confirmed Sunday, (April that the Government is responsible for the security of its citizens and not allowed to encroach on their rights, regardless of affiliation, in the first official response against statements demanding the departure of Al-Kurd from Baghdad Arabic lands.

The sons of Iraq Coalition Secretary General algeary Abbas almhamdaoi, 21 January 2012, the formation of a regiment on behalf of 9 Bader to reply to the "excesses" of the Kuwaiti Iraq, noting that includes volunteers from civil society organizations from all Iraqi constituencies representing Arabic clans of central Iraq and Western and southern provinces, with student rally in (26 January 2012) armed factions Shiite and Sunni and Christian not to lay down their arms in order to address the external interventions with regard to Iraq, with the role of embassies warned of some States In the country.