Alshabandar (annual) reconciliation between Maliki and his opponents
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Thread: Alshabandar (annual) reconciliation between Maliki and his opponents

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    Alshabandar (annual) reconciliation between Maliki and his opponents

    Alshabandar (annual) reconciliation between Maliki and his opponents

    Baghdad, Oman/Orr news/special

    Not exclude sources close Iraq coalition that there will be a sudden return of Deputy Prime Minister Saleh Al-mutlaq article in response to a bid more than one party to find a way out of its case with Al-Maliki.

    According to information leaked from inside the Iraqi coalition that businessman Khamis dagger in coordination with the Attorney who is close to Prime Minister Maliki Izzet alshabandar, are leading the efforts to settle the dispute between Baghdad and Al-MalikiAnd an informed source revealed that Iraqi leaders who met at the House last week and discussed the dagger return Baghdad to Baghdad and efforts to find exits dagger walshabendr for case.

    The reconciliation led by Al-Maliki and Deputy alshabandar between former Iraqi Parliament leader Al-Juburi, has sparked controversy within the State of law Coalition, led by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on the background of the acquittal of the charges by the Central Criminal Court.

    According to political sources, speaking for the Agency (Orr) provided non-referenced, the leading members of the Dawa party, rejected the method followed by the Attorney, who is close to Al-Maliki Azza alshabandar which is not a member of the advocacy. According to information made by the sources, Al-Maliki invited hawks told that such interdict them before their allies command within the Shiite House and urge to undo this deal whatever price

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    Thank you RJ for all the articles you post. With me not having a working computer it keeps me updated, thank you.

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