Environmental pollution , Minister of Environment Sargon Lazar Salioh said that "any burning of materials Carbonah lead to emissions affect the processes of climate change experienced by the world or the globe, including the effects of industrial and specifically oil, be sure that the practices of the former regime, especially before the wars that were fought by Iraq before 09/04/2003 Tathera are bad for the environment because it did not respect human rights, were these effects negative and that we have, until now, "pointing out that we are currently trying to improve the environmental situation in Iraq in coordination and cooperation with relevant ministries - agriculture, water resources, oil, industry and municipalities - for the sake of increase green space and reduce carbon emissions. between Lazar that the environment did not have any much consideration during the former regime was a section or division, and after 2003 was the founding of the Ministry of its own and entered Iraq where international conventions concerning the environment. free speech and finds most of the intellectuals appropriate liberate the country from totalitarian regime, Mathaba of departure for the spaces of spaces is Mahdoh to express their opinions and collisions with other cultures and to acquire Bmknonadtha and opening it.

Poet Yahya Hamidawi stressed that the political changes that took place in Iraq after (9.4) had a clear influence on the path to Iraqi culture negative and positive , the positive side can be observed through the expansion of the prospects for publication and launch of the poet or writer in the sky and wide away from the isolation and personalization of their writings to a certain class or to the side of a political kill creativity, so that the colorful sounds of poetry and climbed onto the floor free from fear, until we see Iraq become like a poets and writers, as well as the proliferation of newspapers and the Internet extensively, and the starting and beautiful interface with other cultures, the norm characteristic of modernity on the writings and led to the emergence of multiple names of poets and writers. the negative side, it has been narrowed in the neglect of control real and cash right for each of the writers and poets, it which led to the emergence of the writings are weak in terms of construction and drafting, and others. teamwork intellectuals suffered from the gravity of the persecution and the pain of exile during the former regime, not concerned to launch a label on the ninth day of April, but it is important to have that Iraq get rid of a tyrant and was able to absorb his countrymen in his lap .

Dr. Faisal Mikdadi professor of theater at the Faculty of Arts - University of Salah al-Din said, after spending more than twenty-three years in exile "is not important launch of the labels on this day, it is important that a dictatorship perch on the chest of Iraq more than four decades Khubayb the hopes of Iraqis , it is logical to think intellectuals and artists before other new vistas that will address the path of civilization of Iraq. " "I bear all the intellectuals and artists in particular the responsibility of the struggle for the unity of the Word, and the goal to build a new Iraq away from the ambitions of some politicians in the private interest and the holding of the bets at the expense of This political party or that. " "It is important that Enzk politicians and officials in particular, that their great responsibility to bring the views and walk in Iraq and a coalition collectively and democratically to the new Iraq.