Column VIII: Shabibi .. Red line

Date: Monday 09/04/2012 10:55

 Ali Hussein
hear people talk the Prime Minister about the need to resort to the Constitution Vtsedkh, and see his actions on the ground Vtdharb CVA palm, Mr al-Maliki in all steps and decisions of political attempts to take advantage of the theory of the late Machiavelli, who believes that the ruling outside the group that make up the community, place it above all. and outside the law that is owed ​​by the community,

In order to apply this theory on the ground, he decided to prevent the Iraqi Central Bank to take any monetary policy without reference to the Prime Minister's Office where it is believed that his advisers in the field of economics and money are more significant and the highest stature of the Central Bank Governor Dr Sinan Shabibi.
Despite the bizarre theory, we will find there are those who believe it is located in the Haba˙lha, and they are of course a group of missionaries blessings and privileges are called title of "close to the prime minister," Thus, a glance wants us to Mr. Maliki that we forget that a few days ago was carrying a sword Constitution in the face of others, while today seeks to put Constitution in one of the inclusion of his office and closes it with the key because the matter of bodies independent, which Maliki insists it is part of his career, throwing out the constitution, which put the lawmakers a special chapter on these bodies, which are: the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Electoral Commission for Elections and the Integrity Commission. Central Bank, Board of Supreme Audit, Communication and Media Commission, and the endowment offices, while considered one of the articles of the Constitution's central bank is accountable to the House of Representatives only.
new resolution of the Council of Ministers wants all of us not to hope for democratic reforms and laws in the interest of people as long as some of Egypt that the remain live time of the iron fist, and for this we are forced to follow-up loops repeat and duplicate the series of naive named "Who has more powers", a clear message says nothing beyond the authority of the Prime Minister.
if the control of all independent bodies is the goal of the office of Mr. Maliki, Let us about the play we see now and we ask the brothers close to the Prime Minister that Arihohna of all this "chaos" and decide the form of government they want to Mqashm own and within their parties, and then adopt it we citizens Amoloban to hurry.
Unfortunately, if the received command in a country other than Iraq and with politicians, our politicians always brave distress and fear of living with all the talent, if that happens I do not think that a party or person, whatever his position may be fighting a political battle against a man like Shabibi .. As is required here is to meet everyone, opponents, opposition and even greedy in power on one thing unequivocally is that exposure to such Shabibi red line can not be bypassed, and is a national loss would not be forgiven, but unfortunately we are living in the era political accident, the owners of the positions stanieri and twisted .
the decision of the Council of Ministers the right of the central bank confirms beyond doubt that we go back and strongly to the atmosphere of the pre-2003, re-index autocracy to rise, by flooding the people in sermons Tzlqh, devoid of meaning and trust, speeches and decisions that make the citizen feel sorry for his view, the insistence State officials adults to empty the country of talent and experience, and where he finds Shabibi and others like him in the face of politicians they hate their home countries .. In countries that respect the will of its citizens, we find institutions of the state honors its scientists and innovators by maintaining them as coins are rare as we exercise our policy of political controversy empty, which lends itself to favoritism and the mood in the administration, which destroyed more than adoption.
and away from any decision taken by the government, the world such as Sinan Cpiea will remain lofty stature Rafie head, high-conscience .. And it will remind future generations that under the most difficult times in a man with no deals or Craft, a fixed position, pure conscience .. More important is his insistence to remain a citizen of one color, the color of competence and integrity and national sincere.