Barzani: What I heard from Obama Afarahna may reject the continuation of al-Maliki as prime minister
8/4/2012 | (Voice of Iraq)

WASHINGTON - Ali Abdul-Amir - life seems to head the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Massoud Barzani, determined to confront what he calls «monopoly of one person the government in Iraq and to save democracy emerging from a serious risk in its transformation into a dictatorship is built through the control of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on all the keys of power in the country ». After meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden at the White House last Wednesday, Barzani said in an interview long to «life» that he would call once back to Arbil to «an urgent meeting attended by Iraqi leaders, to put all issues on the table serious and frank away from any courtesy, and in case Maliki's refusal to attend or to deal positively, we will reject the other hand he was president of the Government of Iraq ». «life» I asked Barzani on several issues, starting from the current Iraqi crisis does not end with the occurrence of the Kurdistan region between the two wings of the regional crisis and international: Iran and Syria, while stressing that he had sent to Tehran by the 3-day head of the provincial government Nechirvan Barzani to discuss the Iraq crisis, explained that he did not reach a clear vision on the part of the Syrian opposition in the way of abuse with the «legitimate rights of the Kurds Syria». The following is the text of the interview: > In the meeting with President Obama, talks with Vice President Joseph Biden, any concerns reported to them about Iraq, and any position of the U.S. had drawn the Iraqi crisis? - I explained to them in detail in our view, very Fahemena to know the identity of Iraq, that Iraq wants the Americans to deal with him? What is the position of the Kurdistan region, and transferred to them the position of the province of all aspects of the current crisis and its causes, and what I heard them Afarahna and made ​​me a reassuring commitment to the U.S., which was clear, an Iraq a democratic, pluralistic and federal, and confirmed to me their commitment to Kurdistan and the people of Kurdistan, and this was for me something important, As I explained to them that Iraq is going through a crisis and it needs serious treatment, not a crisis fabricated, but it exists, and you need to be addressed, and this treatment must be backed Iraqi friends of Iraq, it may not have to wait from the United States or any other country in the world to come and find solution to the crisis, so I suggested, and I think that President Obama and Vice President Biden, we have been approved the proposal, to meet Iraqi leaders to save the country, otherwise the situation now is not the option, either repair the situation or other options, survival of the situation as it is not our choice at all. Iraq is heading for disaster, to the return of dictatorship and monopoly power in all state facilities. Is the marginalization of all, as if he was dropping the new regime in Iraq at the hands of a person, while the rest live on the new leader blasts, and this is unacceptable and is not possible. We all fought, all Iraqi political forces struggled and faced the dictatorship of Saddam and made ​​sacrifices in their struggle, may not capture the power at all. Leaders' Meeting: either solutions or all the way > you going to call the option of Iraqi leaders to meet and discuss the crisis. What's the next step? - when I go back to Kurdistan, I will invite to a meeting all Iraqi leaders, in Arbil, or anywhere else, it is important to hold a meeting in the presence of all the leaders, to study the situation responsibly, and not to compliment or to find solutions and temporary or relief to the crisis, either radical solutions, or each and every one knows his way. There must be a specific timeframe and short to resolve the crisis, the fact that we are tired of promises and meetings sterile, must be meeting a serious and decisive, and if they do not respond, there is another interview. > But al-Maliki refuses to participate in any meeting carries conditions, which was the cause for the failure of a «national meeting» in Baghdad, do you expect post-Maliki in a meeting called for by, you want a critical, open and away from any courtesy? - we want a meeting of the dismantling of the crisis, to repair the situation, the meeting is not just for the meeting, if Maliki's refusal to attend the meeting to resolve the problem, we reject stay in power. We must be honest, there is no more room for compliments nor diplomatic, either remedy the situation or face a situation can not accept it, in which one person owns all state facilities and act according to his will, and marginalize others, and remain prime minister, this is not acceptable at all. dictatorship of Maliki's

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