Talabani's party dissatisfied with the current situation of the country and the arrival of mistrust between the political parties to a dangerous level
Ali Aldhargam - 15/10/2011 PM - 8:38 p.m. | Hits: 7

He Patriotic Union of Kurdistan led by Jalal Talabani, deplored the current situation taking place in Iraq.

A statement of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan "The political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, a Saturday meeting in the city of Sulaimaniya, under the supervision of Jalal Talabani, Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), explored the situation in Iraq and the latest developments in the Middle East and the visit of the delegation of political Kurdistan to Baghdad."

The statement added that "the meeting expressed dismay at the current situation taking place in Iraq, especially taken that the gap bigger day after day among the important part of the forces and Iraqi political parties, and that confidence has reached a dangerous level among these parties."

In this regard, the statement said the meeting felt the need to continue and intensify the efforts of President Talabani and Kurdish parties to address the Iraqi crisis.

In the axis of the meeting was the follow-up and evaluation of events in the Middle East, and discuss their effects and repercussions on the region in general and Kurdistan in particular, was emphasized in this regard the need to follow up the future of the region, Iraq and Kurdistan in the light of the developments and the possibilities and scenarios continued, and make it serve the interests of strengthening the experience of the territory Kurdistan, taking into account the interests of the Kurdish people in it. finished