Barzani: We will not accept that the positions are, however, one person
On: Saturday 07/04/2012 11:28

Baghdad / term
The President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani disturbed by the lack of "Implementation of the promises and undertakings" within the country, criticizing the "monopoly" one person in all positions. Barzani said in an interview at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said that "the promises and commitments are not implemented in Iraq six years ago, eg non-payment of financial dues to foreign oil companies, And approval of the law of oil and gas federal, causing stoppage of oil exports from Kurdistan. "

said Barzani,
"We do not support never at any time and circumstance to become a lot of positions and powers, however, a person accounts for them, as is happening in Iraq by some officials."
As for the Iraqi constitution, describing Barzani to "good", but he also said that "the commitment by the very weak," he continued, "I called on political parties all to sit together to cut the road in front of the emergence of dictatorship in the country through adherence to the constitution and implementation of the agreement Erbil, but show their consent to Therefore, forcing all of us to return to his people, if not dealt with the problems. "
On the security front, criticized Barzani, "the continuation of terrorist attacks in spite of the presence of more than a million troops, and the element of security in the country," As for the political situation, it was felt that the "Iraq is going through a heart large," he "will defend him until the last minute, especially as he appeared with the blood of his family," as he put it. said Barzani that "the Kurds did not seek revenge one day, but want to open a new page with all parties, and seek to achieve security and stability , so a lot of foreign countries seeking always to establish business relations and investment in the region. "
stressed Barzani, "the need to address Iraq's problems without resorting to the hands of foreign," explaining that the visit by the Washington Post "do not bear such targets , "while noting that" President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden confirmed their commitment to a democratic Iraq, federal multi, along with a commitment to the Kurdistan region and its people. "