During a meeting with a gathering of tribal elders .. Wise emphasizes the need for Iraq to implement the project of building a modern state of successful

04/06/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad (news) stressed Mr. Ammar Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq that Iraq needed to implement the project of building a modern state successful, indicating that this project needs a vision and policies of the application of the vision and the introduction of priorities and then plans to apply these policies and mechanism of conversion projects to implement the tools of efficient and fair. He said al-Hakim said in a statement to his press office was received by the Agency (news) on Friday, during a meeting with a great collection of Iraqi tribal leaders in the provinces of the Middle Euphrates and the south and the north in his office in Baghdad Friday: The approach to state-building is different from the approach to building power, and called the elders of tribes, including holdings of influence and the impact of the victory to each step contributes to the building and object to any I stepped in the interest of building power, reminding: them that Iraq, since ancient structures the authority was unable to build a state to be strong its institutions, asserting: that the strength of the Iraqis their unity and Iraq is the tent, which includes everyone, referring to: the need to launch messages assurances between citizens and the Iraqi tribes through Zayart mutual interconnectedness, warning of pressure on the Iraqi tribes and called for support of clan support is pre-conditions. On the issue of internal political confirmed wise: that there is no option in front of the political parties is the dialogue, pointing out: that no one of the parties has an absolute right, and each party is part of the truth and it is part of the commitments, stressing: that the crisis be resolved Ptsfirha not Ptfiqisha, refusing to address the crisis, a crisis over the other, describing the procedures to (escape forward), explained that the resort to the ballot box for the Iraqis deal with their mistakes or renewal for those who are the people to manage their affairs. The statement added that Mr. Wise pointed to the historical role played by Iraqi tribes Baltvaffha about the religious good, indicating that the elder of a clan leader by nature and practice which he inherited from his fathers, and grandparents, wishing to keep the clan Iraqi source of power to the Iraqi people as true of the Koran that lead to acquaintance ^ ah on him (and made ​​you into nations and tribes so).

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