Iraq calls for the adoption of the agenda of the Preparatory Committee in the Fifth National Conference

06/04/2012 08:55
Baghdad, April 6 / April (Rn) - The Iraqi List led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi Friday the adoption of the agenda for the National Conference which was agreed upon at the meeting of the Preparatory Committee V, is regarded as a coalition of state law claim back to "square one" and accused Iraq of seeking to thwart the National Congress and the political process. and failed the Preparatory Committee the day before yesterday to agree on the agenda of the National Congress, which was scheduled to take place on Thursday at the invitation of President Jalal Talabani. spokeswoman list Maysoon al, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the national meeting was postponed to order is unknown to the effect that the issue was diluted. " She said. explained Damluji "We demand the adoption of the agenda for the National Conference which was agreed upon during the fifth meeting of the Preparatory Committee which was set aside and rejected by the National Alliance at the sixth meeting of the Committee." The meetings of the Preparatory Committee, which includes 12 representatives of the political blocs after the reverse list Iraq's decision to boycott the government and the House of Representatives February. According to a coalition of state law, one of the main components of the National Alliance claim the Iraqi List, an attempt to return to square one and create a crisis to disrupt the work of the government and the political process. The leader of the Coalition Mohammed Chihod (Rn) that "the Iraqi List trying to shuffle the deck and in fact we believe there is an urgent need to hold a national conference to discuss all outstanding problems between the political blocs and the constitutional institutions. " He explained that "the difference with Iraq is that they want to return us to the first box to be a consensus over the constitution and we insist that the Constitution above the consensus, "but he also said," but the consensus that we respect Katvakiet Arbil, but that does not intersect with the Constitution, note that Article I of the Convention on Arbil states do not conflict with the Constitution. " He Chihod that "establish the conditions in advance of the Summit, which is seeking his Iraqi mean they want to pass projects that do not unconstitutional as a Council strategic policies which responded to the Convention on Arbil, unlike the details offered by the Iraqi List, which intersects with the Constitution ten materials. " and accused Chihod Iraqi adopting "a policy of creating crises to obstruct the work of the government and the political process," stressing that it "yesterday was calling for a Conference National before the Summit, what an end to the day of payment to the National Conference to the furthest thing. " He said, "the paper calling for adoption at the National Conference of materials selectively and we say you should put all the problems on the table of dialogue." and has become more recently the Department of political dispute to include the Kurds who have adopted a national conference to bring the views of the Iraqi List and the State of Law coalition earlier.A member of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman's (Rn) that "the Kurds have become a party and strongly in the current differences, we have the Kurdish card and agreements of Arbil and other issues, yes. there are problems not solved so far with Baghdad. " Osman said that "the resolution of disputes can be the intervention of the decision-makers who are leaders of political blocs (...) the preparatory committees not her own decision-making authority."He said, "to resolve the differences depends on political will and the waiver of some of the parties This thing seems to be so far unfulfilled. " and decided to stop all the territory of Kurdistan oil exports from the first of April in protest at the ongoing non-payment of dues Baghdad to foreign companies operating in the oil region.