Barzani's government program emphasizes problem-solving relationship with Baghdad

06/04/2012 13:40

Erbil, April 6 (Rn) - The chairman of the Education Committee of the Parliament of the Kurdistan region Friday that the new government's program, headed by Barzani will focus on solving outstanding problems with the federal government to the advancement of the region. and the granting of the Parliament of the Kurdistan region in its meeting held Thursday his confidence to the government and the new withdrew the opposition leaders of the voting session. said Omar Nur al-Din told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the program said to solve the outstanding problems between the province and Baghdad through the formation of a special board to negotiate and conduct discussions to find solutions to the constitutional, legal and fair between the parties." When asked about the Council members and the forces that will represent added Noureddine "The Board will include all the political parties in the Kurdistan region.""The program includes clauses refer to the process of implementing the program and translate it to reality based on the energies in the region. there is political will and legal measures to translate the program into reality" . The Chairperson of the Education Committee of Parliament to the time period for implementing the program, ranging from one to two years, a period appropriate, but more importantly a will to implement this program. and that the program contains clauses relating to the lives of citizens and improve his life on all levels by improving the standard of living and provision of services . In a related context the Minister of Culture and Youth in the Kurdistan Regional Government of the new Kawa Mahmoud's (Rn) that "the program of the Prime Minister's ambition is a continuation of the program cabinets (formations) above the fifth and sixth." said Mahmoud, "there is an effort to continue what has been accomplished. this program comes within the development process in the Kurdistan region and within the process of construction and in the process of expanding freedoms. " The Minister of Culture, that "there is a great application of an ambitious program of the seventh through the cabin to listen to people's views and comments." From: Yassin al-Rubaie. Open: Murtaza Yousuf