Finance parliamentary reveal the formation of a committee of all political blocs to follow the exchange allocations of Federal Budgeting

04/06/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad - where A member of the Finance Committee, the parliamentary formation of a committee consisting of all the political blocs to take it upon themselves to follow up and monitoring mechanism of exchange allocations of the federal budget for the current year. A member of the Committee Haitham Jubouri told all of Iraq [where] the day, that "a committee was formed within the Committee Financial control and follow-up T_khasaasat the federal budget and where the disposal of the money, "stressing that" the Committee will be carried out unannounced visits to most of the ministries and provinces to follow up mechanisms disbursement of public money. " and called Jubouri "by Jean integrity and planning in the provincial councils to take its supervisory role fully in the follow-up doors that distract the public money in the provinces. " and that "the purpose of the Committee to control the doors that are exchange funds budget in and miss the chance to spoilers in the waste of public money." In an analysis conducted by [where] to balance the financial, the allocations of the energy sector comes in first place after being hit [17] percent came allocations of security and defense came in second, amounting to [14] percent, followed by social services [12] percent and the Kurdistan region [11] percent in addition to what is happening by the province from the allocations of projects, regions and provinces in proportion to the population, amounting to 5%. The House of Representatives had voted on 23 February, the approval of the budget bill for fiscal 2012 and the amount of [105] billion dollars.

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