Select the new procedures .. Central Bank is open for foreign exchange in foreign currencies

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05.04.2012 0:00

BAGHDAD / future Iraqi
said Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iraq, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that "the Bank began to take new measures for those wishing to make transfers external to the foreign currency."
Saleh said that "the measures the central bank included a claim traders who wish to transfers foreign currency foreign Aware of the type of trade that wants to withdraw funds because in addition to providing notice of a tax and trade in a maximum period of 15 days, "adding that" these measures do not affect the traders something to it as a whole do not take their time more than one hour but necessary to find out the reasons that is for which transfer funds abroad to sort the trade normal for transfers that are used for terrorist operations or suspicious. "
Saleh continued, "This measure does not include transfer applications for the purposes of travel did not make any change it where it is entitled to withdraw a maximum amount of ten thousand dollars to convert them to the outside without any notices."
The bank Central has denied rumors about stopping foreign remittances of foreign currency.