04/04/2012 19:03

BAGHDAD April 4 (AKnews) - The Tajdid movement which belongs to Iraqi Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi announced today that it will not attend tomorrow's national conference, accusing certain parties of trying to overturn previous agreements.

Leader of the movement Jamal al-Kilani said: "The Tajdid movement is part of Iraqiya List and the demands put by Iraqiya List are not conditions but they are facts in the political process and we support the opinion of Iraqiya List.

"There is a deliberate intention by some parties not to commit to the agreements. The national meeting will be a protocol meeting, and we will not attend a meeting that doesn't include effective implementation and commitment to implement the rights of others."

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said during his press conference last Sunday that those who will not attend the conference do not want it to succeed.

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani chose tomorrow to hold the national conference. Iraqiya List stated that its presence at the meeting depends on the implementation of the Erbil agreement.

The agreement proposed by Kurdistan Regional President Massoud Barzani ended a nine-month dispute over who should run Iraq's government following March 2010's elections. The deal, which was signed by all the major political party leaders in Erbil, reinstated PM Maliki for the second successive term.

Maliki's elections rival, Ayad Allawi, whose Iraqiya List won the elections, was promised a National Council for Strategic Policies in return for his concession over the PM post. The council was not formed and the PM's State of Law Coalition and Iraqiya began incriminating and accusing each other of violating the Erbil pact.