Urgent / Najafi confirms that the National Congress on Thursday because of differences of political blocs

04/04/2012 14:06:00

Iraqi News Agency, the independent / private ... The head of the Iraqi parliament Osama Najafi, Wednesday, the National Conference will be held on Thursday, attributing the cause to the widening differences between the political blocs, as he emphasized that the conference in these circumstances will result in more crises.

Osama al-Najafi told a press conference held today at Parliament House that "the National Conference will be held on Thursday and the atmosphere is ripe for it," attributing the cause to "the widening rift between the political forces during the preparatory meeting held yesterday."

Najafi added that "this conference in these circumstances would not only result in further crises", calling for political forces to "discuss their problems quietly, without charge, through the media."

The Najafi, "If there are any corrupted files must be put through the competent authorities in the parliament and the ministries concerned and integrity," adding that "Hide those files and show differences in the political, is a breach of honesty and must end in the country."

He Nujaifi that "The Preparatory Committee held six meetings, each was under the auspices of Parliament and others were under the auspices of the Vice President of the Republic Khodair al," explaining that "it was agreed on a certain agenda of the Conference, but that the return of political differences led to the rejection of what has been agreed, which was held Thread ".

He pointed to Nujaifi that "there is as yet no agreement on the issues that should be discussed at the national conference," stressing the need to "everyone will agree on the agenda, so that a productive meeting."