Presidency: the budget law published in the Gazette


03/04/2012 0:00

BAGHDAD - Al Sabah
said the President Office of the Presidency of the Republic Naseer al-Ani, the federal budget law No. 22 for fiscal year 2012 was published in the Official Gazette of Iraq. A statement of the Presidency of the Republic him as saying: "The law was issued in the Official Gazette of Iraq in the number of figure / 4233 / dated March 12, 2012. "He was President Jalal Talabani issued a law of the federal budget of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2012 in the eighth month of March. and passed the House of Representatives recently, the federal budget for the year 2012, which is the largest in the history of Iraq, reaching more than 117 trillion Dinars (100 billion dollars). and according to the budget law, obtained by the "morning" a copy of it, it «has been monitoring more than 37 trillion dinars for investment expenditures and more than 79 trillion dinars for operating expenses by a deficit of more than 14 trillion dinars». And support this year's budget 14 sectors and activities, in addition to included large sums of money to support the development of the provinces. It is said that the budget of 2011 amounted to 96 trillion dinars, and the largest balance sheets compared to previous years.