US Government declares support for "full" candidate Obama to the post of Ambassador in the new Iraq

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Tuesday 03 April 2012 08: 35 GMT

Ambassador Brett makgork

Alsumaria news/Baghdad
United States Government announced Tuesday it would "fully" supports the candidature of Ambassador Brett makgork by President Obama to the post of us Ambassador to Iraq, and stressed that its current and any future Ambassador to serve on one policy with all Iraqi parties to build a stable, pluralistic, and democratic.

Alsafar spokesman in Iraq said in an interview with Michael kaklilan of "Sumerian news" in response to her raises doubts about some political actors in Iraq on a candidate for the new US Ambassador to Baghdad, "the United States Government fully supports the candidate President (Ambassador Brett makgork) Obama for the position of new US Ambassador in Iraq", adding: "we will work with Congress to install his candidacy."

McClellan added that "the United States will benefit greatly from the talent and expertise enjoyed by Ambassador makgork which will appoint her on receiving his new" and stressed that "no Ambassador present or future, as the highest representative of the President of the United States in Iraq, will be willing to work with all Iraqi parties to continue to build a stable depends on himself, federal, democratic and pluralistic, and unified".

The Iraqi list led by Iyad Allawi accused, Monday, (2) a candidate for the new US Ambassador in Iraq Brett Mac Björk connote attempt, banner have information confirming that "biased" and inconsistent with the political process.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Sunday (April 1, 2012), that Washington's interests and choose according to its estimates, saying it was unreasonable to take the view, because the Iraqi, who said he has held and the problem with him personally and the new democratic order, in response to intercept the Iraqi list (as at 31 March 2012) strongly nomination in a letter to Congress.

US President Barack Obama has announced less than a week ago (27 March 2012) on the nomination of Brett Mac Björk one former national security team members in the reign of his predecessor George w. Bush's Ambassador to Baghdad, becoming the first US Ambassador since the withdrawal late last year.

Obama appointed in June 2010, an effigy of an adviser to the US Ambassador James Jeffrey and received Senate approval after two months.

The Björk was tasked to give Iraq and Afghanistan files during the second mandate of former President George Bush Jr. from 2005 to 2009.