Member of the Committee on energy: dues oil companies operating in Kurdistan would defuse the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil
Date: Tuesday, 03-04-2012 12: 19 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) ... Count member of the Committee on energy and petroleum, a Deputy from the Kurdistan blocs Coalition//Kassem Mohammad Qasim, the Federal Government's decision to pay dues for oil companies operating in the territory of Kurdistan (650) million dollars beginning through to resolve all bilateral disputes and Erbil and Baghdad will defuse the crisis between them.
Kassum (News Agency news) on Tuesday said that the main reason for the outstanding political differences between the Governments of the Centre and the territory is oil companies operating in the territory, which it considered illegal federal and unconstitutional, while the territorial Government insists it within articles (111) and (112) of the Iraqi Constitution.
Noted: that the decision of the Federal Ministry of finance to all financial receivables accumulated on world oil companies operating in the Kurdistan region, which amounted to (650) million dollars beginning by improving the relationship between the Governments of Erbil and Baghdad and to work towards removing all outstanding differences between them.
Qasim said: the Government of Kurdistan sent several delegations to Baghdad concerning the payment of corporate financial receivables and reached the decision to pay (50%) Kurdistan oil revenues belonging to the Centre for global corporations, noting that the Federal Government much in question pay dilly financial entitlements accumulated by oil companies.
The Attorney called Kurdistan: the need to work towards development of the oil industry in Iraq to increase State revenue and financial deficit in the general budget and to provide adequate services to citizens through the removal of differences and improve bilateral relations between the territorial Government and the Centre./finished/8. d/s.