Maliki: top Baghdad succeeded despite the many bet the inability of Iraq to organize

Date: Monday, 02-04-2012 02: 38 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) ... Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that the success of the Summit in Baghdad is Arabic for Iraq and highlight the success of its role and position in the Arabic arena and affirming the ability to remove all traces of dictatorship and subsequent in the absence of sovereignty.
Maliki said during a meeting with Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, agents and a number of ambassadors and cadres in Ministry developed participated in preparation and organization of the Baghdad Summit: that the considerable efforts which you have made in the exceptional circumstance that gambled much Iraq cannot hold Summit Arabic in Baghdad, but the reality has proven its ability to achieve this, the Summit was held and marked success in organizational and security aspects.
He praised Al-Maliki as a library, the role played by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its cadres that worked seamlessly under most conditions and challenges regarding security and the political process to target enemies, indicating that Baghdad politically successful Summit of Iraq indicated that he was working to consolidate its relations with everyone.
He added: today we have many responsibilities including building strong State, not military, but strong policy and economy, Constitution and its atmosphere of freedom and democracy and a commitment to national duties and activating the role of youth and women, civil society organizations, in addition to its external relations that fall upon you liability in activated and reverse picture real Iraq./finished/d/s.