Finance Committee: raising the trading in the stock market a good indicator of the Iraqi economy

Follow-up - and babysit - Back Member of the Knesset Finance and MP / National Alliance / Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri, increase trading volume for the stock market (82) million to one billion dinars successful step for the future of the Iraqi economy.
Yasiri said in a press statement on Saturday: The increase in trading volume in the market (82) million dinars boiled billion dinars a positive step and good for the future of the Iraqi economy, noting that the market still needs to control BSA to raise the level of performance piece and the continued increase in the volume of exchange.

The member of the Finance Committee, to talk about the existence of breakthroughs and manipulation in the stock, talk is not accurate, there should be evidence of the validity of this Shi, adding that there are two markets for securities first run by the Iraqi market for securities, which includes stocks, bonds, and the second currency market foreign auction run by the Central Bank.

The Yasiri: The greater the number of many exchange companies in the market, pointing out that the market follows the laws, standards and regulations and specifications, and is supposed to be followed by the companies involved.

And gave the force, for example, that the collapse of the market of South East Asia, due to lack of controls and control it, adding to breakthroughs and thus impacted negatively on the financial economy of the country.

Earlier, the head of the Securities Abdul Razzaq al-Saadi, in a press statement that the Iraqi market for securities volume traded billion Iraqi dinars a day after it was last month (82) million dinars a day, which implies that the evolution of the level to attract investment capital .\