Farhad Messenger: the application of Article 140 ends political suffocation
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Posted 02/04/2012 03:26 AM

Baghdad: MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Farhad Messenger, "The constitutional provision of Article 140 and those who describe Balmith, ignorant of what the Constitution." The MP said in a statement to B (East), "The above-mentioned article should be applied, and the government has the obligation to apply, as voted on by more than 85% of the Iraqi people and all the political blocs." The Messenger said, "The application of article not only in the interest of the Kurdistan Alliance, but the interest of the Iraqi people." He pointed out that "Article 140, if applied to Atbaky any problems, and any political suffocation, and so it is to be applied by agreement of all the political blocs and the parliament." He expressed his deep regret "to the presence of some politicians who claim that the article will apply only to the disputed areas, but the applications will include Nasiriya, Najaf, Karbala and Ramadi."