Preparatory Committee for the National Congress will meet tomorrow
Monday 04/02/2012 10:09

Days before the start of the National Congress is expected, which will bring together leaders of the political process at the same table to discuss the future management of the Iraqi state, called on Vice-President of the Republic Khodair al Preparatory Committee for the meeting once again to put the finishing touches to meet, in contrast, the most prominent opponents (a coalition of state law and the Iraqi List) Were continuing their war in the media, desiring political pressure to get the biggest gains.

Allawi's list are still looking for a suitable ground for holding the upcoming meeting, to be linked to the considered dimensions pleura political profile indictment of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi terrorism cases, as well as stop the request dismissal of the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, and emphasizes that these "assurances" when what provided will allow Iraqi leaders to attend the conference in full.

However, the Dawa Party (the main components of the state law) asserts that his political stance is better than it was before the summit, because most of the pressures experienced by the government had gone did not achieve any significant result.

But both sides agreed that the National Congress will not be the last but will be followed for side meetings between the committees that will implement the recommendations of the meeting.

Khuzai called on members of the Preparatory Committee for the meeting leading up to the national meeting on Tuesday.
He received a presidential statement (range) a copy of "Khuzaie members called the Preparatory Committee for the meeting on Tuesday evening in preparation for the national meeting, which called him President Jalal Talabani said on Thursday the fifth of this month." No Iraqi continues to put several conditions for participation in the National Congress, expressing disappointment at the lack of any sense of confidence towards the coalition of state law and they will demand real guarantees for the implementation of previous agreements and subsequent.

Said Rep. unit Jumaili "There are a number of conditions must be partners, implementation, however, will be our participation useless," she said "the success of the conference depends on building on the pillars of the list in the agenda; such as that the Constitution and review the Convention on the Erbil and specify a time limit to implement the remainder of them," alluding to the existence of the demands of New to the list, as mentioned, "There are certain things have taken place after the formation of the current government must take into consideration."

With regard to after the National Congress made it clear Jumaili in an interview with the (range) yesterday, "will not suffice decisions .. There should be committees meet permanently to implement what will be agreed upon next Thursday on condition that is associated with it guarantees by our adversaries .. We have experiences of many with a coalition of state law, they did not fulfill their promises towards us and we will not trust them after a while. " And the level of representation of the list in the National Congress confirmed the MP for the Iraqi "once removed pleura political File-Hashimi, and stopped the proceedings unconstitutional against al-Mutlaq, and were settled personal differences with Allawi will be the Iraqi capital of the entire leadership .. The Thursday meeting is not the end there for further meetings and the rule of law sufficient time in satisfaction of Iraq. "
It concluded that "Iraq will be the center of power in the national meeting because of the ownership of many of the elements of passing their demands in front of partners."

However, the prominent leader of the Dawa Party, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said that the National Congress will be a milestone in the style of the State Administration of Iraq, stressing the readiness of a coalition of state law to resolve all disputes with partners through commitment to the Constitution.

The MP for the rule of law, a leader of the Dawa Party Shaker Darraji sense of the National Alliance relieved after the Arab summit, said "the time of political pressure that was before the Arab summit has gone with the end, you no longer adversaries and paper to put pressure on us after failing to pass their demands unconstitutional ".

In the opinion of Darraji in a telephone conversation with (range) that a meeting of the Preparatory Committee will be fateful, "I will put the points on the characters, as Sttoy another page in the agenda of the National Congress is not then start practically discuss differences of political forces, all as well as the problems between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil .. gone beyond the stage courtesy and will not compromise on the interest of Iraq and its territorial integrity. "

The Kurdistan Alliance, the coalition expressed surprise at recent state law for a sense of power towards the political partners, calling on him to inspire the lessons from the experience of the former regime, calling for the National Coalition to make a stand against the current government policies.

Alliance MP Farhad Atrushi stressed the keenness of Kurdish parties to resolve the political problems, said in a statement (range) "It seems that a coalition of state law wanted to play the minds of others through open files and new claims were not included in previous meetings .. they are not serious in resolving problems as the national meeting will be held for lack of work schedule to him. " He pointed out that Atrushi a coalition of state law was not stronger than Saddam and the Baath Party, said "in history through the many take advantage of them .. and the recognition that Iraq did not Tkdh hand without the other."

He called the Kurdistan National Coalition (Sadrists, Supreme Islamic Council, the National Congress Party, the Virtue Party, the Reform Movement) to show his attitude toward the use of state law with the current problems, and "The ball is now in the court of these parties, we and the Iraqi explained our position on the policy current government will not .. things are going in this direction and that the arrogant style of al-Maliki will not come to the benefit of Iraqis. "

Despite the agreement of the Kurdistan Alliance with Iraq in a lot of the points in dispute with the state law, but the first Ivker replace Maliki, contrary to what had been announced by Iraq in more than once, and said Atrushi "This issue has not been raised until the moment .. but must abide by Arbil which formed the cabinet reshuffle, which is our condition to come to the National Congress and ignoring the government will collapse.