Escalation of Baghdad and Erbil, the arrival of the delegation paid a high Kurd to remedy the crisis

3.31.2012 | (Voice of Iraq)

Twilight News said the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, on Saturday, said the escalation of the media the last among the leadership of the region and the Iraqi government reflects the existence of a deep crisis between Arbil and Baghdad, revealing to send a senior delegation from the two main parties in the province to Baghdad next week for further talks with the various forces and political parties Iraq.

A spokesman for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Azad Jindiyani in a statement reported for "Twilight News", "media escalation final between the leadership of the region and the Iraqi government reflects the existence of a deep crisis between the Territory and the Centre, and that this crisis is in urgent need of radical solutions to save the political process in Iraq. "

and added that "with the approach of the National Congress is expected, which was set by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani due in the fifth of next month, the attention of everyone moving towards finding solutions to these problems." and the spokesman of the "leadership of both parties Alkordian tightened at their last common subject and confirmed in the axis on the development of Iraq, the need for participation of all components in the political decision and have a role in the process of building and construction, and do not marginalize any component of those components. "

and "The practice has proved that Iraq belongs to all, and can not be the one component that manages the affairs alone, and the current government in Iraq is the result of political consensus of the main components of the three in the country. " revealed Jindiyani for "Send high level delegation from both parties to Baghdad next week for further talks with the various forces and Iraqi political parties." He said, "We have stressed in our common that the only way to overcome the problems of Iraq is to resort to political dialogue, and although many of these problems has been complicated, but that does not prevent the existence of acceptable solutions have to be that we are looking for with the rest of the Iraqi forces. "

said spokesman of that "recent escalation between the Territory The center is clear evidence of the existence of a deep crisis in relations between the powers and Iraqi factions, but that does not mean lack of opportunities for dialogue and negotiation to establish mechanisms to resolve these problems and crises, and in this sense, we seek to dampen the atmosphere by sending a joint delegation senior Hzbena to Baghdad to search for those solutions. "

However, spokesman of saying "Snthor with all parties and not with the government, but with all the forces that have an impact in the political process in different directions in order to ensure the exit Baltuaqat that contribute to the success of the efforts the National Congress and put an end to the current political crisis in Iraq, which does not serve the interest of any party or a component in Iraq. "

The President Talabani, select the fifth of April date for the National Conference is expected, while the sources pointed to the formation of a preparatory committee mini consists of 4 members emerged from the preparatory committee for the conference, and set the structure for the agenda of the conference and prepared the the first draft of the paper includes a map of the work of the government and parliament, but not limited to paper-based dispute between Iraq and the rule of law, but to address all the problems of Iraq, whether at the level of government institutions or relations between the Territory and the center. 's p / m P

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