Talabani confirmed in a letter to the owners to restore its health and stability of Iraq and get rid of the isolation imposed by the former regime
Saturday, March 31 / March 2012 18:52

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates Prime Aloza Jalal Talabani, Iraq to restore its health and stability of convening the Arab summit and get rid of the isolation imposed on it by the former regime.

Talabani said, in a letter addressed to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, according to a presidential statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} today a copy of "our country experienced during the past few days a historic event a semantics very important, since the Arab summit in Baghdad became proof of the restoration of our country recover and stability, and evidence of the collapse of the walls of isolation imposed on Iraq since the start of the defunct dictatorial regime and reckless adventures blatant aggression against neighbors. "

"The summit demonstrates the credibility and success of the efforts made by the Iraqi national forces to build state institutions and its joint efforts to achieve national harmony and stability, and openness to our surroundings Arab and regional levels."

He continued that "the success of the summit is a success for Iraq people and the Government at present and in the future, and what it has to be achieved without the blessed efforts made by the Iraqi government, which Ttrossounaa and dedication of leaders and employees of the armed forces and Uzah Foreign Affairs and other ministries and stakeholders."

He concluded his letter by saying, "We congratulate you and congratulate ourselves that our people and done the great trust that he will be a help to achieve greater stability and national unity of our country to move towards the beloved Rehab development, prosperity and progress." Ended.