Zebari said Baghdad summit is a success politically, diplomatically and logistically and security of Iraq

On: Saturday 31/03/2012 9:11

 Baghdad / range
Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari after the end of the meeting of Arab leaders, that the Arab summit in Baghdad is a success for Iraq at all levels, and as he emphasized that the size and the level of Arab representation was satisfactory according to the current circumstances, it was considered that the summit adopted new topics not Taatpinha peaks the former. Zebari said during a joint press conference with the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States

Nabil Arab attended the "Summit of Baghdad's biggest achievement, and was successful and successful by all standards, standards, and this is what we heard from all the delegations and leaders of Arab and foreign participation," noting that it "demonstrated the success of the government and Iraq his return from isolation to the summit." Zebari said that "the government has succeeded in the management of this process that the process of political, diplomatic, organizational, administrative," adding that "Iraq has succeeded in this test, and won the bet in favor of the Arab countries and not in favor of Iraq only."
He Zebari expressed his satisfaction for the "level of representation at the summit was very good, under the current circumstances, "explaining that" the most important thing in the Baghdad summit participation of all Arab countries and the Secretary-General of the United Nations. "
Zebari revealed that "the Baghdad summit for the first time discussed the issues were not on the table on the peaks and Arab meetings of democratic change and peaceful transfer of power , human rights and women and the empowerment of the citizen and to maintain his dignity, "adding that" there are important decisions that resulted from the Summit related to Palestine, economic conditions and the Syrian crisis, which took the space of debate and discussion that we came to a formula accepted by everyone. " For his part, Secretary General of the Arab League, Nabil el-Arabi, said that "Iraq has regained its health and location of the main and central role in the Arab nation, and that the Baghdad summit is a great achievement for him and all the Arab countries," asserting that "the conference was a major influence and a number of countries accounted for the highest levels."
He said the Arab, that "there are doubts were about the Summit of Baghdad, but these doubts have disappeared," noting that "the summits and ministerial meetings are not held to resolve political crises, but must change the reality of the Arab citizen and things, water, economic and social."
and began in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, on the afternoon of Thursday 29 March 2012, the Arab summit twenty-third in the presence of nine Arab leaders as well as Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, the conference witnessed an absence fully with the kings of the Arabs did not intercept any of the Arab countries.
was informed source revealed that the Declaration of Baghdad's Summit Arabic includes 48 items to nine axes of the most important to resolve the issue of Syrian without external interference, and political reform, social, economic, and to condemn terrorism in all its forms and the prohibition of weapons of mass destruction, and supporting the Palestinian cause in addition to activation of the APU, and the crisis in Somalia, and the issue of Yemen, and the issue of Sudan's support, and support the political changes and resolve inter-Arab differences through dialogue.
It was decided at a meeting of Ministers of Finance and Economics Forum held on 27 March and was attended by seven ministers only and deputy ministers and delegates of Arab States, the adoption of strategies, security, tourism and follow up the implementation of items issued by the Economic Summits past, urged the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Minister to "stand in solidarity" for the advancement of the Arab economy, as is the case in the world, also called on Arab companies to participate in the reconstruction of Iraq.